Desperate to lose weight, it is better to prevent obesity, you must know the cause of these obesity!

People who have experienced weight loss know that it is often easy to get fat, but it is not so easy to lose weight. After a few meals, I can get 1 pound of fat, and if I want to slim down this pound, I might have to spend a week. Why is fat so simple and so thin? It may be because you only know how to lose obesity and prevent obesity.

1. Can obesity be prevented?

Insufficient sleep, overeating, sedentary, too little exercise, and some habits that are not noticed by us are filled with every moment in life. Obesity can of course be prevented, as long as we consciously consider obesity as a matter of constant vigilance, rather than spending time to solve it every time we wait for fat.

2, bad habits

If obesity is a pandemic, then bad habits are like we don’t wear masks, no Attention to health, it is highly vulnerable to obesity.

Positive sitting posture

When sitting on the desk for a long time, our sitting posture will become very strange. How is the big belly formed? I often bend my waist when I am sitting, and I can’t get rid of my stomach when I walk. Sitting posture is not correct, walking posture is not correct, over time, will affect our bones. We say that the meat grows on the bones, the bones are not right, the body will go away, and the fat is particularly easy to accumulate.

Less exercise

It’s not uncommon to do more exercise in daily life. This is something that humans know in ancient times. . However, when it comes to the modernization of technological civilization, people forget these things.

Don’t eat

A really good-looking person knows how to restrain his diet. We want to make ourselves “good”. “Good” consists of two levels, one is quantity and the other is quality.

2. Start from the bits and pieces of life

When we are walking, we should raise our chests and look inside the abdomen. Received. Even if you are very thin, don’t hold your stomach. Often holding the stomach is to support the abdomen, it is easy to get rid of meat.

Your stomach only knows how to eat like a primitive person, and as a modern person, we should learn to control our stomach instead of being manipulated by it.

Finally, you need to know how to exercise. Fitness does not “treat” obesity, but prevent obesity. Because when you really get fat, the hardship to lose weight is far greater than the prevention of obesity.



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