Do you know the benefits of swimming to lose weight? These 6 benefits make you more beautiful

If you want to say that the most comfortable exercise is nothing but the summer is cold, the winter is warm and “swim”. In addition to the aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it also contains 6 kinds of hidden The benefits that most people rarely know are one of the best sports for girls.

1. Makes you smarter

According to a study in the Physiology Journal, when people are drowning In the water, the blood flow of the brain will increase by 14%, mainly because the pressure of the water on the chest causes the blood flow to increase, and when it is launched, it will instantly feel the world becomes quiet, focus on breathing, enjoy the water and lick the skin, and the pressure is released. The burden on the original itself is gone.

2. Reduce the chance of physical damage

Afraid to bouncing, climbing, climbing stairs, etc. Damaged joints? That swimming is your best choice! Even if the swimming time is longer, the intensity is higher, the body wears no more than the other, and the free swimming in the water is faster than the standing and rest.

3. Stabilizing the muscle core

Working in order to play computer, maintain a posture for a long time and cause shoulder and neck pain after work ? Go home and go swimming after a rush! By gently rotating the arms and thighs to relieve the tight muscles, to activate the body parts that are usually less active, and because the swimming is mainly to maintain balance, it can help you stabilize the core without knowing it, and usually do other highs. Difficult exercise will be easier.

4. Physical decline]

Women are not only well-maintained, but physical health is the key to youth! People who have swimming habits are 20 years younger than the average person. Blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular function and central nervous system are very healthy. Want to be a goddess? Still not fast, go to the pool to report!

5. Unrestricted activities

Mother’s movement during pregnancy is quite dangerous, but there is no Desperate to show your skills! When entering the water, the heavy uterine muscle burden is immediately relieved, and the uterus will enter a state of relaxation. The baby will naturally feel comfortable and comfortable, and the problem of edema and waist pain in the mother’s legs can be relieved here.

6. Increase lung capacity

Is it very comfortable to breathe deeply? Swimming is very effective in increasing lung capacity and will allow you to learn how to breathe in more fresh air and emit more carbon dioxide. Compared with runners, swimmers have higher lung capacity, a flatter heart rate, and lower blood pressure.



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