Don’t miss these golden ages when you lose weight!


And such a counterattack, do you want it?

There is a good time to lose weight. There are more than one different characteristics at different times. Today we will talk about small Tips for weight loss in different periods.

Youth period

13-18 years old can be said that when you are growing up, many parents will be afraid that their children will not be able to keep up with nutrition. “Take up the head” to form a little fat man.

In the past, when I was in the middle of the test, I was able to break the three-digit weight directly under the siege of chicken soup snacks.

Although this growth period, nutrition can not fall is true, but how to eat can have a doorway.

Dietary: High-sugar, high-calorie, high-fat foods should be eaten as little as possible, affecting not only body weight, but also dental health and skin condition.

Sports: At this time, because of the good physical function, in addition to the broadcast gymnastics in the school, you can also add some exercise programs like running, skipping, swimming, badminton, etc. in your spare time.

Young and middle-aged

The young and middle-aged years before the age of 40 can be said to be the best period of life, energetic, metabolic exuberant. It is easy to get fat and thin, a meal may eat a few pounds of fat, but it is relatively easy to exercise the scale.

At the same time, entering the society may also be due to work pressure, irregular work schedules, more meals, long-term overtime work and raise elephant legs and small belly, becoming increasingly obese.

Everyone has different needs for weight loss because of their personal circumstances. You can adjust from daily living habits, control your diet, and increase your exercise according to your personal situation. The weight loss effect during this period is still obvious.

The special point to note is that you should never blindly try extreme weight loss methods at the expense of your health.

Medium and old age

As you get older, your body’s physical function begins to decline, and metabolism gradually slows down. This is also why many people are still very good when they are young, and they are “blessed” in middle age.

But at the same time, because of the accumulation of a certain economic foundation, the expenditure on body management can be increased, and more targeted guidance can be obtained by participating in the private education course.

Diet: When people reach middle age, they can’t eat as boldly as they did when they were young. Salt, less sugar. In particular, the three high populations are not only for body considerations, but also to reduce the risk of illness.

Sports: At this time of exercise, high-intensity training is not recommended, but daily exercise is not indispensable, like walking after a meal, or Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin is good. s Choice.

The menstrual period

For girls, there are always a few days “inconvenient” every month. It is rumored that during this time, you can still enjoy the privilege of not exercising and eating more fat.

It’s a pity, not. Although the study found that changes in menstrual hormone levels, basal metabolism will also fluctuate, but it is not particularly obvious.

In contrast, menstrual appetite will get better, maybe even more, and eating too much will also be fat! The saying that menstrual weight loss is half the effort is obviously not reliable!

Of course, during menstrual weight loss, you still have to pay attention to some things.

Time: Even if you are a fitness er with exercise habits, it is not recommended to exercise in the first 1-3 days of menstruation (when there is a lot of bleeding).

The better choice is to start in the middle and late menstrual period when the amount of bleeding becomes less.

Types of exercise: Exercise is best for upper limb training. When the amount of late bleeding is small, you can also choose jogging or yoga.

Daily diet: Appropriately increase the intake of some fat and carbon water. I really want to eat sweets and eat a little, but don’t be greedy. The diet does not have to be as strict as usual, the more depressed it will be easier to be countered.

The golden age

just now

Although there is no shortcut to losing weight, it is really fair. At any time, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will gain something.

With so many entanglements, it’s better to act now! Become early what you want!


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