Eat less meals and lose weight? How to eat is learning? Eat less, eat more meals, add more food, pay attention to it is fundamental!

In my country, the habit of three meals a day was formed very early. This is scientific and meets the needs of physiology and work.

Distribution of three meals is generally 30% of the total daily breakfast; 40% of lunch; 30% of dinner.

But due to people Different, internationally, including Chinese traditional Chinese medicine, according to the loopholes in three meals a day, advocate eating less meals, but also to ensure quality.

I think it is better to have four meals a day, 7:00 am -12:00 midnight – 5:00 pm -10:00 pm.

People should eat less and eat more meals. It is not appropriate to eat a lot. It is also very beneficial for people with stomach and cardiovascular diseases.

First, the food is supplied in a timely manner, and the machine is not dry.

Second is complete digestion, which is conducive to the full absorption of nutrients; if it is hungry, then do not pay attention to nutrition, see what to eat, the body can not get what you need.

Give you some different food energy meters, how to eat?

Dried sea cucumber 76.5 Silverfish (f) 72.1 Scallops 63.7 Cognac 51.3 Tofu skin 50. Dried mushrooms 38.0

Soybean beans 36.3 Pumpkin seeds 35.1 Watermelon 31.8 Broad Bean 28.2 Pork Skin 26.4 Peanut 26.2

Pea 24.6 Mung Bean 23.8 Sunflower Seed 23.1 Chicken 21.5 Pork Liver 21.3 Rabbit Meat 2l .2

lean beef 20.3 pig heart 19.1 pig blood 18.9 chicken liver 18.2 lean pork 16.7

Slim lamb 17.3 squid 17.0 duck 16.5 squid 15.1

At the same time, fruit and tea must be replenished before and after meals.

It is best to eat milk, soy milk, cereals, cakes and other foods for breakfast and dinner.

Noon, dinner is a staple food. Do not overdo it, and be nutritious, drink plenty of light soup.



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