Eating fruit can not lose weight, will it become fat?

Imagine this:

Fruits can promote intestinal peristalsis

and take away excess Fat

So eat more


Whether people eat fruit will not be thin and talk about

anyway, pig

is fat visible to the naked eye

I was so scared that I quickly put down the apple in my hand

Although we are not pigs

Definitely not fat

Become like that

But… I want to lose weight!

How to do it without being thin and fat!

Fortunately, I recently discovered a meal replacement biscuit that can be eaten thin

Hurry up and recommend it to everyone

Peptide Beast

Not only can you eat but also lose weight!

It’s the gospel of dieters!

National National Day, Peptide Beast Youth Appears

Envy InternationalImpressions to build10,000 peopleManagement cases for fat loss

1 box of peptides and beasts¥438, now

Free!Free! Free! ! !

1. Purchase 1 smart body fat scale 100 yuan, Gift Retail price 438 yuan peptide beast stick youth dress;

2, minus 1 kg to send 100: buy a box of peptide beast stick youth dress, maximum reduction 100 ;Repurchase a box of peptide beasts, Maximum 300 ;

Limited time limitFirst come First come!

Hurry and watch us participate! !



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