Every time the festival is fat 3 pounds? It’s hard to lose weight to do these 5 points.

National Day Seven Days, visit relatives and friends, call friends, how much fat are you getting fat on this small holiday? As the saying goes, “Every time you are three pounds of fat,” this is still light, and three kilograms of friends are all there.

There is always a constant obstacle on the way to lose weight. How can we keep the results of our struggle? Xiaobian tells everyone 5 points. As long as it is done, it is difficult to lose weight.

First, you want to eat meat, you can eat more seafood

The daily pork fat is more, the calorie is 143 calories / 100g, and seafood The class is rich in protein and has a low fat content, especially for crabs. A 3-4 crab has only 70-80 calories, which is almost equivalent to the heat of a small apple. And one such hairy crab can meet the daily protein needs of the human body, but it should be noted that the heat of crab yellow is relatively high, and friends who want to lose weight should cut love.

Second, eat more vegetables and fruits

The dietary fiber and rich vitamins in vegetables and fruits are good for the body’s metabolism, eat more boiled cabbage Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes. Fruits can be selected from papaya, apple, grape, and lemon. Do not eat high-calorie fruits such as durian and coconut.

Third, light diet

Try to choose light-processed foods, dieting should be cooked, less oil and less salt, not suitable for stir-fry Or put too much seasoning, these additives will stimulate the taste buds, not only the high heat will make you eat more.

Four, normal work and rest

Regular three meals a day and adequate sleep are also necessary factors for weight loss, sleep well and eat Not being good is an important reason for getting fat. Don’t eat dinner without losing weight because of weight loss, so the weight loss is easy to rebound. A bad sleep can lead to swelling of the body, and the shape of the body will affect the mood of the person.

V. Choosing the right exercise

Sports are the key to losing weight and an important means of maintaining weight loss. However, the effect of strength training on weight loss is not obvious. If you go to the gym often, try to choose aerobic exercise such as swimming, running, spinning, etc. If you want to shape, you can train with dumbbells and push these strengths.

“Going against the water, not reducing the fat.” In addition to the above 5 points, the most important thing to lose weight is persistence. I hope that you will continue to fight this fat and you will be able to get rid of this trouble one day.



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