Fat meat “go back and return”? How much do you know about weight loss rebound?

“Life is endless, losing weight is not limited” is the motto of many fat friends. This not only shows that it is not easy to lose weight, but also shows that it is difficult to keep the weight from rebounding. What is the rebound?

Simply, the rebound is obesity after losing weight. As long as one’s absorption is greater than the consumption, the excess energy will become fat and stored, and people will gain weight. This mechanism has nothing to do with the number of weight loss and the way to lose weight.

The weight rebound after losing weight is a problem that all dieters can’t avoid. Some weight loss methods seem to lose a lot of fat, but the degree of rebound is quite large, even Beyond the level before weight loss, what is even more frightening is that the psychological gap caused by the rebound will make you lose confidence and motivation for weight loss. I can no longer return to the slim and slender figure.

The reason for weight loss rebound: Adopt the wrong way to lose weight.

The diet pills are the “helpers” that many people will choose. However, the weight loss drugs are water instead of fat, as long as the drug is stopped and the water is replenished. It will naturally rise again, a phenomenon most common among people taking diarrhea-based weight loss products. What’s more, not only does the weight loss result go unnoticed, but it also causes great harm to the body, such as electrolyte imbalance.

The reason for weight loss rebound 2: Did not reach the weight loss cycle.

Fat has a memory, it will resist the changes of the outside world and try to develop into the original form. Some people have a little effect at the beginning of weight loss. They think that they have stopped losing weight after achieving their own weight loss goals. I don’t know if this is the key period for determining whether weight loss is successful. Usually weight loss products or exercise to lose weight are pay attention to the course of treatment, do not reach the prescribed course of treatment, fat will take the opportunity to rebound, so that the efforts to lose weight have been abandoned.

The reason for weight loss rebound: bad living habits.

Thinking that you can lose weight successfully, you can eat it once and for all, overeating, never exercising, the energy absorbed can not be consumed, how can you no longer gain weight?

How to effectively prevent weight loss rebound? When we reduce the standard weight, how to prevent the rebound is a problem that every weight loss must face. How do we do it? How to prevent weight loss in Chongqing, weigh the weight every day, pay attention to the change of weight. Persistence in weighing every day is an effective way to prevent weight loss in weight loss. Weighing the body every day can reveal subtle changes in body weight, and take appropriate measures to promptly remedy when the weight has just increased.

Maintain good eating habits. Eat small meals, three meals a day or four meals a day; regularly maintain this eating habits for a long time; never eat up late after dinner; develop a habit of chewing slowly; control diet, not diet, ensure a good diet Habit (low fat, low salt, multi-protein); adhere to exercise, maintain 3-5 times of outdoor exercise time per week. Take aerobic fat loss (weight loss is not weight loss, but reduce body fat rate), and then take time to participate in physical exercise, which is not only beneficial to maintain weight, prevent weight loss after weight loss, the health of the entire body is There is nothing wrong with Bailey.



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