Five Dietary Essentials for Obese People to Lose Weight in Autumn

Five diet points for obese people to lose weight in the fall:

1, 3 hours before going to bed, strictly forbidden to eat

All the sugar you eat at night will be converted into fat and stay in the body, so dinner should be eaten as early as possible!

2, don’t eat carbohydrates for dinner

Alcohol is one of the three major nutrients needed by the human body, but eating too much is the root cause of obesity. It’s free in the evening, you can add carbohydrates to your breakfast to replenish your brain. Reference content of carbohydrates in each meal: sliced ​​bread 1 piece: about 28 grams; rice 1 bowl: about 55 grams 3 . Keep the current food intake! Although it is said to be big and big. But you can’t overeating, you have to chew at least 30 times per mouth to stimulate the brain to send a full signal.

4, can not eat only a single food per meal

Ramen, rice, this single food, It will be easy to eat faster, and the nutrition is not balanced, which is not good for weight loss and needs to be corrected. You need to eat more vegetables to lose weight in order to maintain a balanced diet.

5. Active in daily life

Want to lose 3KG in 2 weeks, exercise It is essential, you don’t need to do special sports, you can move at any time and anywhere, and it is king to consume heat.



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