For women around 40 years old, why is weight loss easy to rebound, what should I do?

Beginning to be 40 years old, I started to be blessed. This is very annoying. I can endure hunger and lose weight for 1 month. I scaled a scale and weighed 2 kg. What is going on here?

In fact, you are not alone. Many women of this age are faced with such difficulties and frustrations.


This is due to the decrease in hormone levels in the body, and the fat cells it regulates can accumulate as much as you want. Sex hormones are very interesting. It has a special task of regulating and mobilizing the body’s fat cells.

When you are in adolescence, estrogen gives orders to mobilize fat cells to march into your chest, buttocks and thighs, and quickly gives you a waist-shaped pear-shaped youthful image; Later, when you got married and pregnant, the hormones are busy mobilizing fat to increase all the stocks. In October, you have increased the fat reserve of 10 kilograms. When the child is born, it allocates the stock to milk, feeds the baby, and gives back You are a mature slim figure.


However, when people reach middle age, the hormones secreted by the ovaries are not so strong, and they are decreasing, and they are unable to formulate fat. The cells are gone, and the fat is freely stacked on your waist, abdomen, and under the skin, and you gradually change from pear to apple. Maybe fat is for the sake of storing energy for your good old age, but it has done bad things such as increasing weight, increasing the burden on the heart, and promoting arteriosclerosis and fatty liver. What should I do?

Adhere to aerobic exercise, the essence of aerobic exercise is to fully burn fat and sugar. In the case of sufficient oxygen, the fat and sugar are fully burned, and the water and carbon dioxide are simultaneously released, which is just for your exercise. If the exercise is fierce and the oxygen supply is insufficient, the fat and sugar cannot be completely burned, and it cannot become water and carbon dioxide. Instead, it becomes an intermediate acidic product, which means that the firewood burns with oxygen and turns into charcoal, which not only releases less energy, but also produces acidic products. It can cause fatigue and muscle pain, which is not good for the human body.


The principle of aerobic exercise is to relax and last, giving the body the opportunity to fully supplement the oxygen. For example, swimming, cycling, jogging or walking calmly, 4 times a week, about 1 hour each time. Different exercises can exercise your different muscles.

Diet and multi-meal combined, eat eight full each meal, but not over-diet, which will make you try to eat, but eat more. When you are fed seven or eight full, and still reluctantly, you can tell yourself, wait a while to eat.


Dividing a daily meal into 5 times helps maintain the level of sugar in the brain. When you really want to eat something, it is your brain that tells you what he needs and tries to satisfy this desire, even with a small amount. Play a role in stabilizing emotions and enhancing the spirit. Try to eat during the day instead of eating at night. Because everyone’s metabolism is faster in the first 12 hours of the day than in the next 12 hours. In particular, the speed of metabolism in middle-aged people has slowed down.

Drinking water, because it is not easy to distinguish between hungry and thirsty, we often eat more when we actually need water. The sign of sufficient water is the color of urine.


The following are some ways to ensure you drink more water: eat about 200 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, they are equivalent to 1 Cup of water; put 1 cup of water at hand, juice, milk can be replaced with water, but remember that water is the only non-calorie drink; do not drink coffee, tea and wine, they can consume your body’s water .

Relax your emotions. When your nervousness is tense, your appetite will increase and your waist will accumulate more fat. Give yourself some time to relax, call, listen to your favorite music, take a deep breath, massage, etc.



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