From 147 to 105 pounds, Lu Xiaoman waist: lose weight to drink tea, move feet

The chase is also happy, although there are countless twists and turns, but he can hone our will. Often most people only care about the success of chasing after the emotions can not help but ignore, the meaning of hard work and sweat. The chase process is also happy, it will affect you and even change your life.

With a firm will, it is equivalent to adding a pair of wings to your feet. Hello everyone, my name is Chen Xiaoxiao, 33 years old. In order to be able to settle in a big city, my husband and I have worked hard for 8 years and finally have a little achievement. Last year, we also greeted the crystallization of our love, gave birth to a male baby, I decided to give up my career for this hard-won baby. After giving birth to a child, I never thought that my body would have undergone such a big change. It was completely different from the previous one. It was only 90 pounds before pregnancy. But after birth, it was fat and reached 147 pounds like a pig. I used to be sad, I can’t wait for myself not to be a woman, but then I succeeded in losing weight through my own efforts.

When I was pregnant, I was a senior mother, and my husband’s family was very happy, especially the mother-in-law who gave me the nutrition every day. Yes, I didn’t care too much about it when I thought about it, but then I thought that I would eat a big fat man. My mother-in-law also comforted me and said that I would lose weight in the future. However, after a few months, I still did this, and because my husband completely let me decide to lose weight, once my husband took me to the company party, I was joking by my colleagues. Her husband is a very self-respecting person, and it is also a perfect thing to do. He was so ridiculed that he was very uncomfortable in his heart. The only thing he could help him was to find him face.

I tried fitness during weight loss and tried running. Because of the time, I didn’t stick to it. Usually I was a person who didn’t like sports. Later I also tried dieting to lose weight. I persisted for a while and lost a lot of weight, but there was a rebound, so I ate so much bitterness but did not see the effect. It was very sad at the time. Later, when I was at a friend’s house, when I talked about my weight loss, my friend introduced me to a method. She insisted on thinning from 147 to 105 pounds in 5 months.

Look at this small waist, flat belly, where is the birth of a child! Share the following methods:

Orange peel lotus leaf slimming tea

Material: 10 grams of orange peel, 15 grams of lotus leaf, fried hawthorn, Raw malt is 3 grams each.


1. After extracting all the materials, cook with 500 ml of water,

2, remember to cook 20 minutes of porridge with fire, and finally pour out, filter out the juice to drink.

Effects: Hawthorn itself is a sweet and sour ingredient that can appetize and promote digestion. Healthy diet recipes with lotus leaf can detoxify and reduce fat, and orange peel can also heat up Detoxification, and this slimming tea has a good effect on the strong spleen.

And for the belly and elephant legs, I also carried out the method of flying in the air, you can do it every day, very convenient!

First lie flat on your bed, adjust your breathing, exhale 2 breath, give yourself a beat, find a suitable rhythm and start slowly, not too fast. Keep your abdomen relaxed, your head relaxed, your upper body strength disappears, you don’t need upper body strength in this exercise, you only need lower body strength.

After the left leg is slowly approaching the abdomen, the abdomen should be tightened, so that you can achieve a thin stomach, and you must tighten your abdomen, don’t ignore it. Inhale and squat up the right leg. When you are squatting, your legs should be strong. The toes should be hooked hard. The right leg should be vertical. Don’t be lazy, keep 90 degrees, otherwise it will be invalid. Legs and straight legs are important steps and cannot be relaxed.

After the right leg is stretched, exhale, relax the force just after the action, while breathing, the right leg moves straight downward in the plane direction, and the abdomen tightens. Try to move your left leg closer to your abdomen. This whole set of actions can reach the two slimming activities of stovepipe and thin belly. At the beginning, there must be non-standard, we must be strict with ourselves, find out the wrong points, correct the movements, correct air brakes. In order to lose weight quickly.



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