How should elderly obese patients exercise to lose weight? do you know?

As the metabolism of the elderly’s body declines, there are more and more obese people. It also affects their physical health and life. Give them a lot of inconvenience, how can we lose fat and improve their health and quality of life? Aerobic exercise is a simple and efficient method.

1. Walk

Including ordinary walks, brisk walking, quantitative walking, walking backwards, etc.

Our practice is: Ordinary walks can take 35 to 65 minutes at 70 to 80 steps per minute. And gradually increase the number of weekly sports. A quick walk can take 30 to 60 minutes at a speed of 5 to 7 kilometers per hour. It is necessary to pay attention to slowly, and when the activity, the heart rate is controlled below 120 times per minute. Quantitative walking, 30 to 50 minutes each time. Suitable for initial exercise of obesity. When you go backwards, look up and chest, look straight ahead, hands on your hips, press your thumb back to the kidney and acupoints, lift your thighs as far as possible, then move backwards. Older patients need to choose a flat field during exercise, no obstacles around them, and walking time according to personal circumstances. This can improve the body’s metabolism and cardiovascular function, and long-term adherence can play a certain role in reducing fat.

2. Jogging

Applicable to obese obese patients with mild obesity and long-term exercise habits. Or a person who has undergone a period of exercise to achieve the goal of exercise and a greater improvement in bodily functions.

Our practice method is to move the knees and ankles four to five minutes before jogging. Start jogging again. When you are running, your body should be relaxed. Naturally, your hands and feet should be oscillated and coordinated. The stride should not be too large. Use natural breathing. Under normal circumstances, take three to four steps to breathe, and then run three to four steps to inhale. It is best to inhale with your nose, exhale with your nose and mouth, jog time, 30 to 40 minutes each time, three to four times a week. It should be noted that every time you jog, you must do a good preparation for the whole body. Wait for the body to heat up before running. Do not stop exercising immediately after jogging, you can do some sorting activities to slow down your heart rate. Those with weak constitution and exercise therapy. In the early stage, a combination of walking and running can be adopted. It helps to improve endurance and cardio-respiratory function, enhance physical fitness, improve metabolism, and consume internal organs and subcutaneous fat.

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