How to lose weight in summer? 3 beautiful legs can’t be missed!

How do you lose weight in summer? Everyone has the right to pursue beauty! Do you also see the clothes you like very much in the age of beauty, but you don’t have the size that suits you, so you feel pain? Don’t worry, I will introduce you to the stovepipe method immediately, so that you can quickly stovepipe!

The method of stovepipe and the specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: For the inside of the leg.

1. Stand in a standing position, step forward your right foot, bend your knees, and insert your hands on your waist.

2, do jumping exercise, jump and change the left and right feet at the same time, pay attention to the back to be straight. You can count down the number of your own countdowns in your mind and jump up and swap your feet.

3. A group exchanges 4 times for two legs, 5 groups each time.

Step 2: For the outside of the leg.

1. Stand in a standing position with your hands naturally on your sides.

2, lift your right foot straight to the right, and lift your left hand straight to the left. Pay attention to the balance of the body, this action is to force the legs.

3, then gently return to the original standing position. Do the same on the other side.

4, each time takes about 2 seconds, you can repeat.

Step 3: Target the entire leg.

1. Stand in a standing position and place your hands naturally on your sides.

2. Bend your knees and touch your toes with both hands. Don’t use too much force. When doing this, don’t bend your back muscles and bend your knees. Hold for 3 seconds and then gently return to the original position.

3, gradually become familiar with this action, you can extend the time.

The above movements are a bit difficult for beginners, but they must be adhered to, and the diet is not too small. Let’s take a look at what to do in the summer.

蒟篛: Zero fat 蒟篛 contains water, protein and rich calcium and fiber, which can clear your lower abdomen lymph glands, effectively preventing leg obesity and loose curve.

Seaweed: Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, minerals and cellulose. The effect of adjusting endocrine is good. It is best to choose seaweed with low sugar and low salt to get healthier.

Red Bean: It can effectively increase the sarcophagus component of gastrointestinal motility, allowing you to urinate and relieve the sputum, thus preventing the body from swelling.

Apple: The calcium content is super rich, which not only helps to remove excess salt, but also affects the metabolism of calories in the lower body.

Grapefruit: Rich in potassium and low in calories, it is a high-nutrition fruit queen. Its unique tannins help smooth metabolism.

Papaya: Contains proteolytic enzymes and guava, which can effectively break down the fat in the legs, which helps to break down food, stomach and intestines.

Kiwifruit: rich in vitamin C, and cellulose can absorb water. When it is swollen, it will make girls feel full and will not eat snacks for weight gain. Hey.

Tomato: The first diuretic effect, helping girls to remove excess water from the body and prevent false obesity caused by edema.

Watermelon: Limonyl citrate is the best diuretic element, helping the salt to drain smoothly with the urine. You must remember the stovepipe.

Celery: Contains a large amount of colloidal calcium carbonate, which can be easily absorbed by the body to supplement the required calcium. The potent potassium can prevent edema in the lower body.

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