How to turn daily staple food into diet food

How do you turn your daily staple into a diet?

First, the way to change diet foods

The method is to be cooked Rice and steamed bread are placed in the refrigerator and stored at low temperature for a period of time. Thus, starch will become a diet food that is not easily absorbed by the body.

Second, the principle of staple foods to lose weight food

The principle is that starch granules are 60-80 degrees Swell in aqueous solution, split to form a homogeneous paste solution, we call gelatinization, that is, steamed rice, in the process of cooking rice. Gelatinized starch is easily digested by enzymes and absorbed by the body. However, when the long-term content is 30-60% and the temperature is low, the gelatinized starch will become opaque or even precipitate when the starch becomes aged.

Third, reduce hunger can eat aging food

To reduce hunger, you can eat this The aging food, because the starch is filled in the stomach, is not absorbed by the body on the one hand, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger. More beneficially, the protein in the staple food has little loss after these processes, and the main vitamin B is rarely lost due to its stability.

Fourth, nutrient absorption and utilization are not affected

Because of the main vitamins, its strong stability With almost no loss, this diet food will only reduce the absorption of heat, the absorption and utilization of nutrients will not be affected, and its preparation is simple, it is an ideal diet food.

Fifth, master the time of eating

Time required for eating, and gaining weight The relationship is also very close, so to master the time of eating, you can ensure adequate nutrition and prevent obesity. Experts have found that in the morning or during the day, the body is mainly secreted by adrenaline. Adrenaline promotes decomposition and synthesis and metabolism, so eating in the morning is less likely to cause excess nutrients and increase body weight.

Sixth, the intake of staple food in the morning will not gain weight

It turns out that a certain amount of calories in the morning Food does not cause weight gain. If you eat the same amount of food in the evening and in the morning, it will increase your weight.



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