It is a weight loss king, eat twice a week, legs thin waist thin face becomes supple, delicious and cheap

“Every three knots of fat for the festive season”, a reunion dinner for friends and relatives of the seven-day long vacation, naturally avoiding a “big eat and drink”, and eating more and less exercise, then on the scales after the festival A name, looking at the soaring number, his heart has been sinking, losing weight naturally became a top priority. When you go to exercise, you will find that there are a significant increase in the number of people who punch in the gym, but in addition to exercise, it is also important to clear the intestines after the holidays. Eating light and oily foods is more conducive to weight loss.

Winter melon is a very common ingredient in our country. It is called “sweet melon” all year round. It is cheap, low in calories, rich in water, and is a melon. The only fat-free melon vegetable, and rich in propanol diacid, can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat, prevent body fat accumulation, and metabolize excess fat consumption, and melon has strong diuretic The effect can increase the weight loss effect, and women may want to eat more if they want to lose weight.

Although the melon tastes too light, as long as you make it right, you will find the taste of the fried melon-like meat, which can satisfy your appetite and lose weight. He Le Not for it? Just like today’s “dried shrimp and winter melon”, dried shrimp, soft and tender meat, fresh taste, fried, fried, steamed, boiled. Dry shrimps should be soaked in water before cooking, and then stewed with melon, add some soy sauce and oyster sauce to add color and fresh. Winter melon absorbs the delicious taste of the shrimp, burns the meat after the game, but eats more and does not gain weight, people who want to lose weight can rest assured to eat.

[Dried Shrimp and Melon]

Materials: 1 piece of dried melon, 4-6 dried ginger, 1 chopped garlic, 1 tsp, 1 tbsp 1 scoop of oil and salt in oyster sauce

Production: 1. Hot pot cold oil, add ginger and garlic into the pot to scent;

2 Add dried shrimps to stir-fry;

3. Add the melon block and stir it up;

4. Join the student and stir it up;

5. Add the right amount of water;

6. Add 1 scoop of oyster sauce;

7. Cover and cook for about five minutes until the melon is transparent ;

8. Add the right amount of salt and stir fry until the fire is over. Fill the clams and sprinkle with shallots on the surface.

Tips: 1. I use dried shrimps, which are relatively large. I need to soak them in advance for a while. You can also use shrimp instead. 2. Add some soy sauce when burning melon. Color, oyster sauce fresh; 3. Stew the melon until it is transparent, add the right amount of salt to taste, then simmer the juice.



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