It is not difficult to lose weight! These Chinese medicine coups are very useful!

The centenarians we have seen are basically thin and thin, and it is rare to see fat people become centenarians.

So, controlling weight is a big problem, not just for beauty~~

So why do we get fat?

Become fat, the most common reason is the increase in intake, and the reduction in consumption.

The current food is at your fingertips, and if you are not careful, you will get too much nutrients, such as fat and fat, such as sweet sugar. Especially the meat fed with hormones will make us fatten.

For another reason, it can lead to obesity, which is a reduction in exercise. Now we take the washing machine in the laundry, go upstairs with the elevator, go out and take the car, the chance of sports is much reduced. Therefore, when energy accumulates, people naturally become obese.

So, the first element of weight loss is the famous “control your mouth, take your legs”.

So, eat less for each meal, keep seven full, especially greasy foods, eat as little as possible, and find various opportunities to exercise, such as walking without a ride. In this way, it will obviously lose weight.

Everyone will say, “God, such a simple reason, still use you to say? Who doesn’t know!”

Actually, It’s really not that complicated. This is really the biggest way to lose weight. Any professional who talks about losing weight, if you leave this and talk about other methods, I think it’s basically opportunistic.

So, is there any other reason for obesity?

There are also some, for example, qi deficiency, dampness and other physical fitness people will become obese.

The person with qi deficiency, the body is unable to transport, so the dampness is easy to accumulate, so this is a coin on both sides, many people simply phlegm, but no attention Righting up, this is not appropriate.

This kind of person, the abdomen is hypertrophy, the abdomen is soft, and often feels weak, easy to sweat, sweating, and easy to vent. The tongue is fat, the teeth are scalloped, and the tongue is greasy. The pulse is weak.

For such people, you can take Buzhong Yiqi Pill every morning and take Guipi Pills at night. When taking it, you can use three grams of lotus leaf, drowning, use this Water as a drink, to take the pill, the lotus leaf rises and clears the turbidity, has the effect of clearing the phlegm and dampness, and the medicine for tonifying the spleen can improve the curative effect.

Similar to this physique, some patients with yang deficiency will also be obese, for this type of person, you can change the drug taken at night to Kim Min Jong Kidney gas pills.

In addition to taking medicines that supplement the temperature and yang, increasing exercise is the best way to lose weight.

And another person is a hot physique, such a person, physically strong and obese, always feels greasy, sweaty, irritated It is easy to have a tone, the tongue is fat, the tongue is red, and the tongue is yellow and greasy. You can take the tea of ​​gasification and phlegm:

Six grams of fried hawthorn, three grams of fried scorpion, nine grams of lotus root, three grams of lotus leaf, three grams of dandelion. Lishui, on behalf of tea.

A person with such a physique can also use a warm soup to soak his feet.

In addition, there is also a kind of depressed person among people who are obese. Such people are depressed, not cheerful, like snacks, and rarely Exercise, women’s irregular menstruation, thin tongue, thick tongue, dull tongue.

A person like this can use the temperate tea to regulate:

Three grams of rose, three grams of rose, generation Three grams of generation flowers, three grams of lotus leaves. Drink in boiling water.



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