Liposuction to lose weight, you can easily lose weight without the pain of exercise, or very tempted

When I was young, my body was still quite good, but when I gave birth to a child, I would never return to it. Although I don’t regret it, my husband doesn’t give up, but This way, still do not like it.

Friends suggested that I go to exercise, but after all, I am old, haha~ and actually I don’t have a lot of time to exercise. I can still insist on it in the early stage, but later, I was tired of working. It’s even more tiring to exercise, and I don’t hold on.

At the end of the reminder of the little niece, I noticed that liposuction can lose weight without losing the pain of exercise, or it is very tempting.

So I decided to use liposuction to lose weight. I took a vacation. I was very nervous on the day of the operation. I have been busy for too long and I don’t remember it. I had an anesthetic and it didn’t hurt at the time, but it was a little uncomfortable afterwards. During the recovery period, the place where the liposuction feels itchy, I guess the rhythm of the small wound slowly healing!

Less gossip, let’s take a look at my postoperative 10 days. Effect!

How about everyone, the surgery is still very effective! There will be a lot of bruises on the waist after surgery. Now 10 days, the bruises are slowly subsiding. If you don’t have money, you can earn it, your body must be kept in time, and it’s too late to come! Who sees who says the photo doesn’t look like a 45-year-old!

This is 2 months after surgery Look at this effect, I really feel embarrassed, this surgery is really not done, the waist line is out, the radio frequency is also very good, I recently like the evil, every day, look in the mirror hahaha!

Wow, haha~~~ I used to have a bunch of clothes and I’m just like a robes. I’ve been really mad at buying clothes recently… My husband cried and said that I’m a fat man, sweat! I feel that people are thin and confident. Come out, and love to go out with friends and colleagues. Anyway, I want to tell the world’s female compatriots, no matter if we A great age, should get rid of fat! Lean is king, obese people, they abandoned treatment ~~~



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