Lose weight after the holiday? Use this trick every day after dinner, everyone can’t recognize you after 1 month!

eat, drink, and play in Shenzhen


drop! Your vacation balance has been used up

A more horrible question than going to work today is:

After 7 days of long vacation

Does the fairies eat a little more?

Although there are a lot of holiday meals

but it only takes 5 minutes after the meal!

You can grow a lot less flesh!

This action is very simple

That is to stand against the wall every day~

If we sit after dinner every day Not moving there

The foods that are eaten

will be quickly absorbed into fat

hoarding in the waist and hips will be a blessing over time.

What should I do?

Try to stand against the wall after dinner!

Two legs stand together

Put the entire back against the wall

Hip, back , legs, waist, first class, etc.

Try to be close to the wall

It’s very tiring to keep this position

There will be a feeling of tiredness in a while

The calories are consumed, reducing the accumulation of fat

naturally slim down

When standing against the wall after a meal

To achieve good weight loss

Must maintain the correct posture


First, facing the wall

Ping your feet flat on the ground and the heels close together

Hold the entire leg and lower body close to the wall


Next bend 60 degrees

Let the upper body above the waist slightly off the wall


Strongly inhale the lower abdomen or press the lower abdomen by hand

and then slow down Slowly move the entire upper body

from the spine, buttocks, waist to shoulders

The last is the back of the head, all flat on the wall

Hip to clamp, shoulders and hands to relax


Next, keep this position Change

After 15 minutes (beginners try to stick to more than 5 minutes)

to rest and relax

After staying for a long time

The end will feel stiff.

You can walk for 5 minutes at this time

Activity activities to prevent injuries

Do it every day

You can clearly feel that

not only the waist is getting thinner

even the legs, neck and face are getting thinner

This is a step-by-step process

You can stand for 5 minutes at the beginning

then Slowly increase the time

gradually extend to 30 minutes

Be sure to stick to see the obvious effect!

The little fairies are moving!


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