Lose weight does not cost money! 2 cups a day, oil scraping, 5 days stomach down!

Because of the work, I often deal with some super-models. When I give them clothes, it is when I am most inferior. I think how can I have such thick fat. I really think that God is too “unfair”.

I have done this a few times to lose weight, and I have to quit halfway through it until I go to the girlfriends wedding ceremony as a bridesmaid. I can’t wear all the dresses. I am determined to lose weight, and I will not give up if I am unsuccessful.

There is a need for weight loss. After many inquiries and discretion, I finally adopted a honey lemon slimming black tea suitable for myself

Because I understand myself The two methods of exercise and dieting are useless to me. I can’t insist on it. I have to choose a method that doesn’t take time and is convenient and effective.

Honey Lemon Slimming Black Tea

How to do it:

1. Prepare honey, lemon, Cassia, wash the lemon slices.

2, prepare a glass jar to wash, put the cut lemon, and then put a layer of honey, so that a layer of lemon and a layer of honey is good in the glass jar, cover The lid can be used to make tea after 48 hours.

3. Boil a pot of boiling water, soak the cassia black tea, then add the lemon slices that have been pickled with honey, then add the right amount of honey. Stir well and pour into the cup. .

The principle of weight loss:

Hot needless to say, everyone knows that its detoxification performance is very good, and the first thing to lose weight is to detoxify ;

The whitening effect of lemon does not need to be said. Lemon rich in vitamins has a certain auxiliary effect on improving blood pressure, relieving nerves, helping digestion and decomposing toxins in the body.

Slimming people can drink 2 cups a day, preferably after a meal, not as a tea to drink, it is best to control the diet, less oil and light, so slimming The effect is better, the beauty who wants to lose weight can try it, absolutely assured

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