Lose weight whitening porridge, also my beautiful body

Edit: porridge


Rare rice, 薏米量,枸杞子A little, lotus leaf amount, water amount




Dry lotus leaves and coix seed clean


Put the lotus leaf into the water and boil it, then change to medium heat and continue to cook for 10 minutes. /strong>


Remove the lotus leaf and leave the boiled lotus leaf soup


Add the previously washed rice and glutinous rice to the pressure cooker, add water, and add the lotus leaf water just cooked

6.Open to eat


Slimming whitening porridge

1. Lotus leaves can promote intestinal peristalsis and discharge toxins. The lotus leaf contains a lot of fiber, which can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine and help the detoxification to remove toxins. The lotus leaf has a more favorable effect than the general high-fiber food, and directly solves the troubles of constipation, so the raised belly will slowly become flat.

2. Lotus leaves can drain diuretic, aromatic compounds in healthy cellulite lotus leaf can effectively dissolve fat, turn turbid and greasy to prevent fat from accumulating in the body; vitamins B1, C and Caffeine promotes the secretion of gastric juice and helps digestion and cellulite. For the chronic fatigue of the family, the lack of hyperactivity, but how can not lose weight, stagnation obesity, etc., can play a double slimming effect. At the same time, there is also excellent water-saving effect. For those who are sedentary and less active, who are prone to edema, spleen deficiency and qi deficiency, they should drink more lotus leaf tea. When the excess fat and retained electrolyte are discharged, people will naturally Getting slimer.



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