Losing weight is not blind, and getting into good eating habits can eat more and more

Many people are now keen on losing weight, but they are blindly blinded, and the result is more and more fat. In fact, many people are obese because they do not develop good eating habits. In fact, as long as we develop good eating habits, we can eat more and thinner.

6 bad eating habits, go on the path of “obesity”

Like eating foods with “cris, crisp, willow” These foods contain more fat, more sugar, and high energy.

Likes to drink, eat sweets, drinks and sweets contain a lot of sugar, and the more you eat, the more you want to eat.

Eating quickly, when we eat, what we eat and how much we eat are controlled by the brain nerves. If you eat too fast, your brain will not respond to your nerves. Will eat support.

When you chase the drama, there is an appetite, but because you are addicted to the TV series, you don’t know what to eat, there is no appetite; the other is that you don’t know how to eat too. many.

Thirst to drink water, drinking water can make people feel a sense of fullness, reduce appetite, but also help to improve the body’s metabolism, play a laxative To prevent constipation. People who love to drink water are relatively better in maintaining their body and are less likely to gain weight.

Like the restaurant, people who eat outside are more likely to eat more food at home than those who eat at home.

Cultivate 6 “normally thin” eating habits

Eating and chewing slowly, you can help control your food intake. It is better to chew 25 times per mouth.

If you eat the original food, the original food is closer to the original taste of the food. Without adding too much seasoning (such as sugar), it will not add extra energy.

Drinking soup before meals, the saying goes, “Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy.” Drinking soup before meals can occupy part of the stomach and it is not easy to overdose when eating a meal. Of course, soup before meals should also look at what soup, should drink light soup, should not drink a lot of soup.

Snacks should be eaten or not eaten.

Eat every seven or eight minutes.

Furly go home to eat, go home to eat more vegetables and fruits, less fried foods.



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