Losing weight, losing visceral fat is the key!

Self-detection method one:

waist circumference.

Generally speaking, male waist circumference >90CM, female waist circumference > 80CM should be careful about the problem of excessive visceral fat.

Waist-hip ratio. Waist circumference and hip circumference, that is, the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference.

Method: Stand straight, inhale gently, use a tape measure to measure the waist circumference above the navel and the most protruding hip. Male waist-to-hip ratio > 0.9, female > 0.8, indicates a high-risk group of visceral excess and needs to be tested immediately.

Test the method of lowering the skin of the waist and abdomen.

Try to pinch around the navel. If you can easily pinch 2 cm, it means that the subcutaneous fat is accumulated. If you can’t pinch it, it means that a lot of fat is accumulated in the internal organs.

Self-Test Method 2:

The dietitian summarizes 17 indicators of visceral fat-type obesity. Please play next to the project that matches your lifestyle.

It’s still slim before the age of 20, but then it’s fat.

Not very active in sports.

Rarely eat breakfast and have a great dinner.

It’s late to eat dinner, and often eats before going to bed.

Having a habit of eating late at night.

Drink or drink at least 3 times a week.

Like sweets.

Always drink cool sugary drinks (including freshly squeezed juice).

Like eating meat and eating less.

It will be partial eclipse, and the favorite food will be eaten every day.

Outside is driving, not walking.

The body is obese and cold.

The blood sugar level and cholesterol are very high.

The weight is not heavy, but the waistline is particularly prominent.

There is constipation.

The amount of food is large.

Parents are fat.


If the above situation is less than 3: It’s still healthy, but prevent it, as early as possible Eliminate risk factors.

If the above situation is 4-9: visceral obesity group, please change bad habits.

If the above situation accounts for more than 10: it is a high risk group of visceral fat, to improve the basic lifestyle.




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