Morning run, night run, evening run, which one is going to lose weight faster? Don’t run wrong!

I have asked several runners, why should I run? The most replied answer is: lose weight. Indeed, most office workers are sedentary and less active, and sooner or later they will become fatter. Especially after getting married, most men are old, often have a drink, and they all have beer belly. Most women are old and will become fat after giving birth. In the running circle, most of them are also over 30 years old. So what do you run for, of course, to lose weight. It can make your body healthier and make your body more perfect. This is one of the motivations to keep running.

The running time of the day, I probably divided into three: morning run, evening run, night run. I have ran through these time periods, but for work reasons, I mostly run in the evening or night. However, in the circle of friends, there are still quite a few people running in the morning, and they got up early and punched. Today, a running friend asked me: Why did I run for half a month, not thin at all? Is it not possible to run at night, do you want to try the morning run? I believe that everyone has the habit of running in the morning, and also likes to run in the night. Have you found out which one is losing weight faster?

For weight loss, it is effective to lose weight, of course, to lose body fat. So as long as you analyze running in three time periods, which is the easiest to lose fat, losing weight is more effective.

1, morning run weight loss effect: the best

We all know that running is to consume body heat, is to consume the body through the food first The converted protein and the stored sugar are consumed and the body’s fat is consumed. Morning run, our body after a night of sleep and metabolism, the heat has been consumed almost, and in the morning it is an empty stomach. In the morning run, the body does not have excessive calorie consumption and can only consume body fat. So in this way, morning run weight loss is the best.

2, running weight loss in the evening: good

The time of running in the evening, probably from 5 pm to 6 pm, before dinner . It feels like an empty stomach, and it’s been several hours away from lunch time. So running in the evening, the body’s heat storage is not much, it will soon start to consume body fat. This kind of weight loss effect is also good.

3, night running weight loss effect: general

The time of night running, mostly between 8 and 11 o’clock, too late Not recommended, after all, not safe. Running at night, just after dinner, so that the body has a certain amount of heat stored, running will first consume body heat, and then consume fat. It is necessary to run for more than half an hour when the night runs normally, only to start to consume fat. So why do people who run at night don’t lose weight? That’s because less fat is lost. Overall, the night run weight loss effect is general.

For the diet, these three running times are also somewhat different.

1, after the morning run, eat well.

After the morning run, eat breakfast, the same is to eat delicious nutrition. Because of the physical activity of the day, I just started. So don’t worry about eating too much, it will increase fat, but eating breakfast will help provide a whole day of energy and better spirit.

2, after running in the evening, eat less.

After running in the evening, it was dinner. If you don’t need to lose weight, you can eat normally, but of course you can’t eat and drink too much. You can eat normally. If you want to lose weight, then you should eat less, eat less rice, you can eat some fruits and vegetables. Because dinner has been eaten, the evening activities are generally less, so dinner should not eat too much.

3, after the night run, do not eat.

After the night run, although the stomach sometimes feels hungry, it is enough to drink as much as possible. You can’t eat too many nightingales because of hungry. Because after the night run, the time was relatively late, and soon fell asleep. Eating too much will increase the burden on the stomach, and the running effect will be greatly reduced.

Running in the morning, running in the night, running in the evening, which one is going to lose weight faster? I believe that everyone understands now, remember your needs, don’t go wrong. If time is free, work is not busy, and self-discipline is enough, then choose morning run, the best weight loss, and can also develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. I personally because of work and family time schedules, most of the time is running in the evening, then eat less dinner, weight loss is not bad. If you run at night, of course you can. As long as you have a running, it is always good for your body. After a long time, you can always see the effect. May we all be on the runway of life, the harder we work, the more lucky, come on!



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