Suitable for lazy people to lose weight, squat 2 times a day, adhere to 1 month, discharge moisture, people become thinner

When the body is too moist, it will not only reduce the body’s immunity, but also easily infect inflammatory diseases. It will also hinder the transportation of meridians, causing the body’s garbage and oil to be discharged in time, causing fat accumulation and obesity. . Especially nowadays people often sit still, causing blood circulation to slow down, which is very likely to lead to the formation of big belly.

To introduce the weight loss method for everyone, just press it twice a day in this way, and stick to it for 1 month, which not only helps to remove moisture from the body, but also eliminates it. Abdominal fat, minus belly fat, people are getting thinner. This method also has a good health effect, which helps to promote yang, suitable for body health.

1, 揉 belly button:

Action essentials: body standing against the wall, legs apart, shoulder width; Heat, with the navel as the center, hands on one up, in a staggered order, press the abdomen, and gradually extend to the extension, until the entire abdomen is massaged in place, 36 times a day, twice a day, the intensity is slightly painful. .

The human navel is the most vigorous position of the yang. It is often pressed against the navel to help yang vent, remove the body from moisture, promote gastrointestinal activities, and eliminate abdominal fat accumulation. Helps to reduce abdominal fat, but also enhances physical fitness, improves the coldness of the limbs, and helps to maintain health.

2, 揉 calf:

Action essentials: hands from both sides of the calf, from bottom to top, ringing the calf, With a point on the face, press the entire calf; kneel to the knee, press the knee joint with the index finger joint, press 10 times, then repeat the calf and repeat the movement 2 times. The strength is slightly heavier and I feel a little sore.

The knee socket behind the knee is the middle point of the knee, which belongs to the bladder. Regular massage of the calf can not only promote the excretion of lactic acid produced by the calf muscles, relieve the acid swelling and fatigue, but also promote the transport of the meridian water, excrete the moisture in the body, have a good weight loss effect, and help to make people thin.

3, 揉心心:

Action essentials: After you have finished your feet, start your massage with your thumb from the toes, from top to bottom, massage To the heel, repeat the massage once more. If you feel which position is particularly painful during the massage process, or if you feel sore, continue to use a slightly increased force and press it several times to help clear the blocked meridians and expel toxins.

The sole of the foot is the reflex zone of the internal organs of the body. It gathers a number of meridians and blood vessels, and often presses the soles of the feet to clear the meridians in time to help discharge toxins and enhance physical fitness. 揉 Pressing the soles of the feet can also make the yang enter from the soles of the feet, expel the body’s moisture, promote the body’s metabolic cycle, and help to lose weight and maintain health.

According to the above method, often press the above 3 parts, massage 2 times a day, adhere to 1 month, help to ease the meridians, excrete moisture, and Reduce the accumulation of body fat, eliminate the fat, make people thin. Regular massage of the body, so that the reduction of moisture, but also help to make fresh blood in time to all parts, improve the color of sallow, insomnia and other dreams, have a very good health.



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