Taro, rice and noodles, which staple food is most conducive to weight loss, control blood sugar?

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Diabetes is a common chronic non-communicable disease that can further cause severe acute and chronic complications throughout the body, causing damage to many systems in the body. Especially for blood vessels and nerves. Diabetes has become one of the three major killers of human health today, seriously threatening human health. One of the most important therapies for the treatment of diabetes is diet therapy.

The three kinds of rice, noodles and steamed bread are the three staple foods that people eat most often. Diabetes is no exception. But do you know which rice, rice noodles and steamed buns have the fastest blood sugar?

100 grams of steamed bread: calories are 233 kcal, fat content is 1 gram, carbohydrate content is 48.3 grams, water content is 44%.

100 grams of white rice: heat is 117 kcal, fat content is 0.3 g, carbohydrate content is 25.6 g, water content is 70%.

100g noodles: 110k calories, 0.2g fat, 24.2g carbohydrates, 72% water.

From the above data, Shantou’s calories, fat, and carbohydrates are higher than rice noodles. From a thermal point of view, it is obvious that eating steamed buns is more likely to be fat.

From the perspective of digestion and absorption, when the taro is fermented, the phytic acid inside is destroyed. On the one hand, the mineral is more easily absorbed, on the other hand, the starch is more gelatinized, and of course the digestion is also The sooner. The phytic acid in the rice is directly boring without fermentation, and the phytic acid is more, which will affect the absorption of nutrients. If it is not eaten hot, it will produce resistant starch, and it will waste a part of the heat. This is also the “cold rice”. The reason why it is easier to lose weight. Therefore, compared with white rice, diabetic patients are more suitable for eating rice.

From the water content point of view, eating the same weight of rice, noodles and steamed buns or noodles and rice is not easy to gain weight, because the cooked noodles have a water content of 72%, rice The water content is 70%, while the water content of steamed bread is only 44%. In general, foods that eat low calories and are full of satiety are not easy to be obese. The same amount of heat, large volume is generally easier to make people full. Rice and noodles contain more water, and the stomach is full. It feels full when you take a shot. Therefore, diabetic patients are more suitable for eating rice and noodles.

But these are all fine foods. People with diabetes should add more coarse grains to their diet, which is more beneficial for controlling blood sugar. Here we introduce several coarse grains that can be matched for your reference.


The corn has a very good health effect from the perspective of Chinese medicine. For example, after eating corn, it can diuresis, swelling, spleen and spleen, liver and gallbladder, and appetizing. Diabetes eating corn is completely no problem, because corn contains a lot of crude fiber, which is a very good food for diabetic patients. Magnesium, chromium, glutathione, etc. contained in corn have a regulation of insulin secretion, which is insulin. A booster that has the effect of preventing diabetes. The tip of corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so it is recommended. Sticking to corn also has the effect of lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.


Glutinous rice is sweet and slightly cold, it is a food for lung and spleen and diuretic dehumidification. Drug dual-use products. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that glutinous rice has the effect of lowering blood sugar, especially for obese diabetic patients with hypertension. Glutinous rice should be eaten in summer and autumn, which can eliminate heat and dampness. The polysaccharide contained in glutinous rice has a significant hypoglycemic effect, which can inhibit the damage of free radicals on the islet β-cell membrane, and the dietary fiber in glutinous rice can delay the increase of blood glucose after eating. However, dry stools, nocturnal emission, enuresis, and pregnant women are prohibited.


The water-soluble dietary fiber contained in oats not only enhances insulin receptor sensitivity Sexuality, and can delay the absorption of sugar in the small intestine, promote gastrointestinal emptying, and stabilize postprandial blood glucose. However, oatmeal should not be eaten too much at one time, which can cause stomach cramps.

Diabetes has no cure, but as long as it is properly treated, it can be controlled by keeping your mouth open. In addition, getting diabetes does not mean that you can’t eat anything, just pay attention to the control of blood sugar when choosing food.

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