The BBC dissected 108 kilograms of remains! After reading, you will want to start losing weight with your life.

Affected by diet and lifestyle, obesity has become a modern civilization, but when you ask obese people to lose weight, the other person may answer me and see the body, how do you know? Obesity is terrible. The BBC filmed a documentary in 2016 to understand the dangers of obesity from the inside through a largely donated body anatomy.

A fat body that is 3 cm thick in fat. The picture is taken from Aiqiyi

According to the BBC documentary “Obesity The Post Mortem”, an anatomy of a woman in her 60s, she is 165 The centimeters, weighing 108 kilograms, are obese in medicine, dying from high blood pressure, heart failure caused by heart disease.

All the anatomical experts opened the chest and abdomen. It was a layer of thick yellow fat, about 3 cm thick. Experts said that it is quite difficult to dissect, because there is too much fat. Even the organs are covered with thick fat.

Experts say that when an autopsy is performed on a slim person, the organ is very obvious, just like using an anatomical model at school. But like the body of the deceased, many things are hidden in the excess yellow fat, it is difficult to see the internal structure of the body. Not only is the heart covered with fat, but there are also a lot of diaphragms under the heart and lungs. This muscle that helps to breathe generally does not accumulate fat.

Fatty liver disease, the surface of the liver is cut into pink, which is a typical feature of fatty liver. The picture is taken from Iqiyi

The liver of the deceased is also swollen, the so-called fatty liver lesion The surface of the liver is cut into pink, which is a typical feature of fatty liver and is softer than normal liver. Fatty liver caused by obesity can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and even cancer.

The lungs seem to be very healthy, but picking up the lungs and squeezing it out will cause fluid to flow out. The picture is taken from the iQiyi

The expert took the heart and lungs out of the body for dissection. The lungs seem to be very healthy, but when the lungs are picked up and squeezed hard, there will be fluids flowing out. This is called “pulmonary edema”, a liquid produced by heart and lung failure.

The heart of the deceased is like a bag. Experts say that the healthy person’s heart is firm and strong, and it looks like a steak. Her heart weighs 449 grams, but I am actually a petite person. The heart should be only about 275 grams, which is much heavier than expected. It is like a heart suffering from heart failure in a hypertensive patient.

Experts check the kidney of the deceased. Although there is some fat around the normal kidney, the fat capsule of the deceased is very large and there are a lot of around and inside. Yellow excess fat, the average person is only half to one third of her. Experts say that the kidneys are normally very smooth, but there are indentations and pock marks on the surface of her kidneys, which are related to the damage of kidneys caused by high blood pressure.

The film describes obesity as the killer of “killing by knife”. The deceased did not die directly from “obesity”, but obesity caused and accelerated the disease in various aspects, and indeed increased the risk factors for death. And related to the cause of death.



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