The food for weight loss can not be lacked every day. These foods are thin and thin and have a thin stomach.

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Leader: Weight loss is the pursuit of every woman’s life, already weather Getting cold, although you don’t need to show your body, you don’t have to wear too much, cool clothes, but weight loss is very gradual. You can’t put him in the heart because the weather is getting cold. As a lifelong career, the following foods must be There are a few things every day, and the real weight loss is successful. The food for weight loss can not be lacked every day. These foods are thin and thin and have a thin stomach.

1, sweet potato

sweet potato as a high-fiber food, if it is a staple food, it is very full and will not gain weight, than The heat of rice is much lower! If you eat breakfast, you can mix it with eggs or milk. Not only can you get enough nutrients, but also protein, it is also a lot of fiber.

When cooking, steaming can make the nutrition not lose. You can also use water or roast. The sweet taste of sweet potato is very delicious. It can play a certain role instead of the staple food. Weight loss.

2, Apple

Apple as the lowest calorie in the fruit, not only can enhance the satiety, but also help the function of defecation, because The pectin ester-soluble fiber contained in the apple is very rich. As a daily fruit, it is very, it helps to lose weight, not only low calorie content, but also a lot of crude fiber to help digest the intestines.

3, Huanren

Hua Ren can also be eaten as a staple food or coarse grains, which not only helps to clear the intestines, but also controls blood sugar. The coix seed has the effect of diminishing water and swelling, and excreting excess water and toxins from the body. It is very helpful for weight loss. There are many ways to eat one person. Soup, cooking and porridge are very good. Not only is it a good satiety, it is a substitute for some starchy foods, and it is also a food with very little calories.

4, fungus

The fungus contains a rare plant gum that can excrete residual lung toxins from the body and detoxify. Very good, and low in calories, rich in nutrients, known as the glutinous rice, the taste is also very crisp, fried and eaten, very delicious, often eaten also helps health.

5, bitter melon

Speaking of bitter gourd, many people know that it is a good thing, but because it is too unpalatable, many people are very repulsive He, bitter gourd is an ideal food for detoxification and weight loss, not only has the effect of lowering blood sugar. Containing crude fiber can speed up intestinal peristalsis, as well as the effect of excreting toxins and waste from the body. The calorie of bitter gourd is very low, not only good for weight loss, but also for beauty and beauty.

I want bitter gourd to taste good. It can be fried with meat, or with tomatoes, the combination of the two will be simple, bitter taste in bitter gourd.

6, 白开水

Water is the most important part of the human body. Drinking water every day is not enough to help you lose weight. Can also help to lose weight, the correct drinking water can improve the body’s metabolism, adequate intake of water, help the body to accelerate the metabolism of circulation, the ability to burn fat will also increase, drink at least eight glasses of water a day, the insufficient part can pass the fruit, milk Wait. Ingestion in foods with high moisture content can also help reduce the stomach.

The food for weight loss can not be lacked every day. These foods are thin and thin and have a thin stomach.



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