There is a misunderstanding of exercise to lose weight, see if you are deeply involved!

At the moment, many people are losing weight and want to get rid of the meat. However, many people who have exercise to lose weight have a wrong understanding. These misunderstandings may not only prevent you from achieving the expected weight loss, but may also cause some health problems.

Xin Xin heard that aerobic exercise must last for more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will not achieve the purpose of fat consumption. Every time I run, even though I am tired and panting, I must run for more than 30 minutes before I will give up. Every day, a person running outside Xinxin feels too lonely, so he meets with a friend, runs a card fitness card, and goes to the gym to go to the gym. After arriving at the gym, the coach told her that this was not true. It would consume free fat in the blood and started to mobilize non-free fat tissue after 20 minutes. The proportion of fat decomposition and energy supply increases with the increase of exercise time. But this does not mean that the first 20 minutes of aerobic exercise is not effective for fat consumption.

30 minutes is actually just a one-sided time node. On the treadmill, if you move your muscles around, even though it’s only 10 minutes, the calorie is not as good as the muscles. Run for 30 minutes in a tight situation.

Like Xinxin, there are still many misunderstandings about exercise weight loss. Let’s take a look at some of the misunderstandings you don’t know!

Having eight packs is the perfect figure that many boys want to have, because it can be favored by many girls. Many people think that the more muscles, the healthier people are.

In fact, this statement is not particularly accurate. Because the muscle weight is about 30% to 40% for ordinary people, the more the muscles have higher basal metabolic rate, it is good for the body. However, if it is in a state of high basal metabolic rate for a long time, it is also a burden to the body.

There are still some people who have such a wrong concept, where to lean and where to lean. The fat in the human body is distributed throughout the body. When exercised, the fat is consumed by a certain proportion of the whole body. Just strengthen the muscles in a certain part by strength training and make it look firmer.

The above misunderstandings about exercise weight loss, do you have it?

[This article was originally produced by the new media of “Medical Glory” and the picture is from the Internet. Author Su Shi, please do not reprint without authorization]



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