Thought that sweating is losing weight? Gym Coach: Weight will return sooner or later!

Many people think that sweating is burning fat, and not sweat is oil! And you are in the gym, the air conditioner is full, and you don’t see a few drops of sweat. Instead, you go out for two steps and pant and sweat. Isn’t the gym exercise not going to lose weight? Obviously not.

The gym instructor believes that the idea of ​​equating sweating with fat reduction is too naive, and the lost weight will return sooner or later! Because you only care about sweating, you don’t realize the difference between sweating and fat loss. Some people may have doubts, I sweat, and the weight is really going on? The gym instructor will say that you are not fat, it is moisture.

What is the sweat of the stream, the body’s moisture, not the fat. 98% of the sweat is water, and there is also a part of salt, electrolytes and urea. Perspiration is a way for the body to regulate body temperature. When the body temperature is too high, the body discharges sweat and uses liquid evaporation to cool down. If it is dehydrated, it will have a bad influence on the human body. It is nausea and vomiting, dizziness and tinnitus, but it is life-threatening and kidney failure.

The drop in moisture can also cause a decrease in exercise performance, and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of losing weight. Therefore, dehydration is not necessarily a good thing, and naturally it does not mean that you lose weight.

Low fat is a characteristic of fat oxidation. After exercise, energy is broken down into water and carbon dioxide. It is discharged through breathing, as well as body fluids such as urine and sweat. So even if you are exercising in an air-conditioned room, you are burning fat, not counting how much you sweat.

How to burn my calories is the only way to increase your heart rate and put yourself in a state of high metabolism and energy consumption.

Moisture is helpful for weight loss, and the water lost by sweating should be replenished in time. In fact, we need to add water before and after exercise. Drink about 500 ml of water within 4 hours before exercise, and add 150-350 ml of water every 15-20 minutes during exercise.

Replenish after the exercise, every time you lose 1 kilogram of body weight, drink 1.5 liters.

After listening to the coach, I feel that I am too naive to put the sweat and fat loss equal, and the weight will rebound sooner or later. Weight loss depends on the training situation, not the amount of sweat discharged.



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