To lose weight, “control your mouth, take your legs”? How many people misled this sentence?

“Take your mouth and open your legs.” I believe many of my friends have heard this.

But in fact, many people lose weight, rebound in weight, mood, and decreased immunity… all because of the misinterpretation of these six words.

Some people say that it is a hooligan to leave the dose to talk about toxicity; in fact, it is not necessary to leave the “quantity” to talk about losing weight.

Bad “small mouth”

Use fruits and vegetables as staple food, no meat, no food Dinner, Copenhagen diet (13 days fast weight loss method), and even the valley (fasting food) … similar low-calorie diet weight loss method can be described as a variety.

Under the fact that I don’t know how much calories I should consume in a day, and I can’t wait to lose 5 pounds a day, I’m hungry and endured when I’m hungry. In fact, these are not the right ones.” Keep your mouth shut.”

Bad “open legs”

Some people try to get results in the short term, so they run long every day , spinning bikes, skipping ropes, but also with equipment training twice in the morning and evening.

This kind of crazy exercise is easy for women to cause eating disorders, functional amenorrhea, and osteoporosis.

A lot of people just because they don’t know how many mouths to manage, how many legs to take, and thus mistakenly lose weight.

If you are just starting to lose weight, then please —

Don’t start at the same time

Take your mouth and open your legs

Only “advanced” adjustments to diet and exercise allow the body to accept it happily This change.

The correct approach is:

1, adjust your eating habits first

such as reducing heavy oil, The intake of heavy salt foods, the proportion of vegan foods, etc., but the total intake remained unchanged.

2, the daily exercise consumes two or three thousand calories

At this stage, the legs are increased to increase the amount of exercise, and the daily exercise increases the consumption. 200 to 300 kcal is more appropriate.

3. Properly reduce dietary intake

Continue to exercise for a period of time, and then reduce the dietary intake of calories after the body is adjusted. That is to start “holding the mouth”, about 200 to 300 kcal per day.

With reasonable steps, try to form some good habits in your life–

Cultivate these good habits

More effective weight loss

>>> Record daily photos Involvement

You can buy a food scale and record what you eat every day. Even if you don’t do a lot of exercise, your diet and calorie intake will be reasonable.

>>>Abandon processing of packaged food

Multiple choices Food that has the original appearance of animals and plants.

>>> SelectFit to your own sports

You don’t have to be as professional as a fitness person, but you need to know what basic warm-up, stretching, strength, aerobic, anaerobic and safety protection measures are.

>>>Prepare a soft tape measure

can be used Tape measure to detect changes in waist circumference, hip circumference, etc. This can reflect your line better than the weight, and health.

>>>Set a reasonable weight goal

BMI In 18.5 ~ 24 is the normal weight, do not move will be “less than 90 pounds” “good women but a hundred.”

>>>Keep scientifically lose weight

1 to 2 pounds per week is preferred, preferably about 1% of weight loss per week.

>>>Sports to beAppropriate, pay attention to rest

With the main goal of improving physical fitness, basically fix a movement time, and do not exercise every day.

>>>Up to high-intensity sports

After the order, do high-intensity exercise, then increase your diet and strengthen your nutrition instead of eating less.

>>>Relax, persevere

Good Mentality is the key to successful weight loss. Rice should be eaten bit by bit, and the meat should be reduced bit by bit.

To maintain these good habits that can be sustained for a long time, will not cause a two-way imbalance between supply and demand, and bring various problems.

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