To lose weight to succeed, first do this thing, symptomatic weight loss, and get twice the result with half the effort!

A lot of friends have recently asked about weight loss. After all, there are at least 4 fat people among the 10 people around. According to statistics, the number of fat people in the world has surpassed that of thin people, and the number of fat people in China has already occupied the first place in the world. It is also increasing year by year. Therefore, losing weight has become a major event for many people. However, weight loss has become a daily routine for many people. There are many ways to lose weight in this world. Why do some people use useful things, but some people use them without any effect? In addition to the different eating habits, the nutrition and calories are different, and there is no insistence. In fact, there is another important reason, that is, each person has different reasons for fat. Of course, weight loss should also be based on the situation. If you divide by color, fat people are also colorful.

I.White fat—-Still healthy fat

Usually the whole body is fat, the fat distribution is more uniform, and the skin is white and tender, so it is called “white fat man” . This type of fat is the most common, the largest number, basically no major illness, often caused by eating too much obesity or family-induced simple obesity. There is no metabolic disease in white fat. Basically, the body is wet and heavy, or qi deficiency, yang deficiency.

The long-term overnutrition caused the spleen and stomach to be weak, and the moisture accumulated, and it became a long time. Although these fat people are fat, they have no strength, they are languid all day, they are not happy, they are sleepy, their flesh is loose, the meat on the stomach is cool, and the tongue is thick or greasy. Sleeping loves drooling, stools sticking to the toilet….etc. Drinking water is long meat, it belongs to this type of fat.

So the key to losing weight for this type of fat person is: Spleen and dampness! Raise yang!

Improve the spleen and stomach transport capacity and remove the body’s moisture, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of “fat”. Others such as the “8-hour weight loss method” can be used to lose weight in order to lose weight effectively.

1. Eat more spleen and damp food: glutinous rice, yam, medlar, lotus seeds and so on.

Recommended 祛 wet recipe: Sishen soup: yam, lotus seeds, medlar, medlar. These are all able to directly or indirectly spleen and dampness, together with eating can play the role of spleen and kidney double supplement, Shengyang solid.

The ingredients are in accordance with the ratio of 1:1:1:1, almost 20-30G each, boiled soup, can also be ground into powder, every time you cook porridge, put A few spoons. It can also be eaten with pork belly and eaten 1-2 times a week. The pork belly itself has the effect of supplementing the spleen and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

2. Every morning for half an hour in the morning, pinch the ridge every night before going to bed, stimulate the Du Meridian and the Sun’s bladder, improve yang, spleen and qi.

3. To participate in outdoor sports, the amount of exercise does not need to be too large, but it is necessary to exercise for half an hour every day.

4. Eat less cold, high-fat, high-sugar foods, away from tobacco and alcohol

5. Don’t stay up late. Staying up late is one of the main culprits of increased body moisture and increased spleen.

II.Black fat man—-sick “white fat man”

Black fat man has dark skin, The body is fat. The appearance of Zhang Fei appears in my mind.

Black fat is mainly due to pigmentation, black acanthosis, black is mainly reflected in the neck, underarms, groin and other parts, usually rough skin, with purple spots, There are often dark circles. These blacks will disappear after losing weight.

Black fat people are mostly caused by poor blood circulation and blood blockage in the body.

Of course, such fat people should pay attention to promoting blood circulation and removing blood pressure and regulating emotions.

1. The diet is mainly light, you can use Danshen, Sanqi and other foods to promote blood circulation

2. Through moxibustion , blood sea, Hegu and other warming kidney yang, mobilize blood and blood.

3. Exercise more, allowing meridians to run smoothly.

Black fat not only cares about weight, but also pay attention to the health of the body. Regularly check blood sugar, blood lipids, and some visceral diseases and tumor-related diseases.

Three, Red fat man—-easy to get angry “White fat man”

This kind of fat man The white fat man’s skin is red, and he is also bloody like the black fat man, and his temper is irritable. When his emotions are excited, his face will turn red and even his body will be red. These fat people generally have unhealthy liver, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, like to eat sputum, often dry mouth, nervous, sleep is not good, women often have irregular menstruation.

This type of fat weight loss:

1. To control your emotions, less fire

2. Exercise more, drink more water

3. Eat more foods that nourish Yin and dryness, lily, white fungus, snow swallow, yam, drink more tea every day to help raise liver Kidney, often eat black fungus to promote blood circulation 瘀

4. Keep an eye on your health and pay attention to your blood pressure.

Four, Yellow Fat—-Lazy “White Fatty”

Yellow fat skin is yellow, everyday is too lazy to talk, too lazy to exercise, all the meat is soft, and other characteristics are the same as white fat. “Lazy” is because the hormone levels in the body are low, so the energy metabolism rate is low. After all, it is because of spleen. Spleen deficiency will make the fat man become a yellow face, a yellow face. The spleen and wet weight are also integrated. So this type of person loses weight like a white fat man.



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