Too fast to lose weight also causes fatty liver? “Beware of the liver” is not only not greasy, it will be fine!

Fatty liver is no longer a new thing in China. Nowadays, people’s living conditions are getting better and better. Everyday they eat the same as New Year’s, and they will eat more and more. These high-fat, high-calorie foods, combined with drinking late at night, lead to the production of fatty liver, which can be converted into cirrhosis if left unchecked.

fatty liver

Fatty liver has seriously affected the health of our residents and has become the second most common viral hepatitis in China. The second largest liver disease. Many people suffer from fatty liver and simply think that eating less oil and not eating fatty food will not aggravate the condition, but this is just an excuse for patients with fatty liver to comfort themselves. The food that affects fatty liver is far more than you think. Much more.

Drinking Liver

The following foods are foods that fatty liver patients cannot eat:

1, alcoholic beverages

Alcohol relies on the liver to detoxify in the human body. Patients with fatty liver will increase the burden on the liver if drinking alcohol. For patients with fatty liver For example, even drinking alcoholic beverages that are not too high in alcohol is another damage to the damaged liver.

2, high-fat food

Patient liver patients are inherently fat-less metabolism. If you eat too much food containing high fat, such as fat, pig’s trotters, animal internal organs, etc., the situation of fatty liver will be seriously aggravated. Not conducive to the recovery of patients with fatty liver!

3, high protein food

The metabolic function of patients with fatty liver is inherently impaired, and foods with high protein content are also consumed. impossible. High-protein foods such as sea cucumber, beef, and shrimp can raise blood ammonia levels in patients with liver disease, and the liver cannot convert it into urea, which is easy for patients to be poisoned.

Careful liver

Important: It is important to note that obese fatty liver patients are too much to lose weight in order to avoid getting sick. . Because of the short-term weight loss, it will cause a lot of fat to enter the liver,more willincrease the liver load and make the liver cells exhausted; Excessive fat produces some poison and damages liver cells. So suggestobese patients develop a reasonable weight loss plan, lose weight 1kg best per week.

Careful liver

So if patients with fatty liver want to recover as soon as possible, they must first have regular routines, followed by smoking cessation. Stop drinking. The most important thing is to control your mouth and move your legs and exercise. Dear friends, now know how to protect your liver? Do you have more exercise in peacetime?



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