Want to lose weight and lose weight better? You need to master these 2 correct running skills.

Running is common in life because many people use it to exercise. In life, the phenomenon of low-end people playing mobile phones is becoming more and more common. In the open time, people go to the drama or surf the Internet, and rarely pay attention to sports. However, if the body is inactive for a long time, it is easy to reduce your immunity and your physical fitness is not very good. The society is also calling on young people to go out of their homes and exercise reasonably to further improve the overall quality and health of the people. As young people, we should respond to the country’s slogan, strengthen our body, and contribute to the country’s development and progress.

But running is not that simple, there are many mysteries in running that need to be understood. If you run away without knowing it, it is easy to hurt your body and you can’t achieve the effect of exercise. Why do you say this? Because running is a violent exercise, it is easy to have sports injuries, especially the leg muscles, which is very harmful. So today I will talk about running knowledge in 2 aspects, I hope to help you quickly master the running method, run efficiently and get exercise during running.

1, running gear.

As an external factor, running gear is very useful. Comfortable loose clothing and comfortable shoes give you a breathable and soft experience. Even sweating during running will make you feel relaxed, and you won’t feel very tight and tight on you. It will make it easier for you to run. The feeling of running freely is very pleasant.

For the requirements on the clothes, try to choose some sportswear, or choose a loose and simple cotton T-shirt short sleeves and put on a casual jacket. For running shoes, it is recommended to choose shoes that are more breathable and have a shock absorbing effect. It protects your feet and slows down a certain amount of landing force without the pain of your feet. The impact on the knee can also be reduced, and the kind of running shoes with air cushion is more worthy of promotion. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like this type of shoes very much. It’s best to wear some comfortable and breathable ones. These equipments are all loose, not too tight or too small, giving the body a very tight feeling that will hinder your running.

2, running posture.

After finishing some of the equipment to be done, we will focus on it. Since it is running, most people respond first, how to run, how to run. How do I get out of my legs when I am running correctly? What is the state of breathing? How does my arm swing? It is the best angle. What posture can help me instead of letting me run slower and run more tired. Don’t worry, let’s talk about it.

Running is a very wearable exercise on our knees, and the main thing is to rely on the strength of the legs to move the body forward, so be sure to master the knowledge and skills of the legs. . But the legs are connected to other parts of our body, which means that you must first keep your body leaning forward, and then let your feet reach the ground in the middle of each landing, which can distract the impact. The pace should be consistent with the frequency of breathing, be as light as possible, and reduce the burden on the body. And your arms should swing naturally, bend around 90 degrees, and don’t change positions back and forth. The nuclear myocardium is relaxed, and the steps taken each time are not too big.

Okay, today’s running knowledge is shared here. I am running yellow, a running runner who likes to run, like to follow me



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