Wearing high heels like this, not only will not be tired, but also lose weight!

High heels are the favorite of every lady, but have you thought about it? Wearing high heels can also help you lose weight! You may not have any chance to walk on your way to school or school. Let’s spend at least 10 minutes a day, conscious of the use of the shoulder blades, and continue to walk in the correct posture! Just a week can see the significant changes in the body!

correct walking posture–(with shoes)

depending on the length of the foot (the longest part of the foot) and the width of the foot (the widest part of the foot) Pick the right heels.

Select the five key points for the appropriate “commuting high heels”

1, the soles of the feet match the shoes, High heels that can completely cover the heel are the best choice. Choose sandals, slippers, or high heels with a heel height of 10cm or more, with special considerations.

2, the curvature of the arch can be completely in line with the sole.

3, when walking, the ankles and heels will not feel uncomfortable.

4, the ideal height of the heel is 3 ~ 5cm, the heel is thicker, more stable.

“Foot length>foot width” is more suitable for heel shoes with narrower hoes

“foot length <foot width" is more suitable 楦 Wide heel shoes

5, there must be room for stretching the toes after wearing the shoes, especially the big toe can not have the feeling of oppression.

1, basic standing posture

The body center of gravity will not consciously lean forward when wearing high heels, so it is necessary to pass the strength of the abdominal muscles. Straight up the body. When standing in high heels against the wall, the gap between the back and the wall should be placed in the palm of one hand, and don’t forget to tighten the shoulder blades.

The knee is facing straight ahead.

X knee shifts to form a crab foot.

2, the knees are facing the front, starting from the hip joints

The knees and toes are oriented in the same direction, and the inner thigh muscles contract. Just like walking in a straight line.

3, the abdominal muscles force up the upper body and focus on the arch.

After the toe is on the ground, the person is not used to it. The center of gravity may shift, so please pay more attention. At this time, because the center of gravity moves forward, please remember to use the strength of the abdominal muscles at any time to maintain the balance of the upper body.

4, the rear foot is lifted like a ground, and the center of gravity is moved to the front foot.

When the hind foot is raised, the big toe and the toe are forced At this time, the knee will naturally straighten and not bend. Look straight ahead, don’t bow, use the muscles behind the neck to lift the chin and support the head.

The knees are straight and the hips are full.

X knees are bent and the hips are prone to sagging, affecting the whole body.

5, look up and let the line of sight move down

At this time, please use the muscles behind the neck to lift the chin and support the head.

When wearing a heel, Step 3 is often just a short moment, moving from step 2 to step 1 quickly, so it is important to use the abdominal muscles to maintain balance. key point.

In addition, the method of landing with the shoes is slightly different, but the movement pattern in which the sole is not seen is still the same principle. Although it is only 10 minutes, it moves a variety of muscles that are not often used, so it is still quite effective exercise. After getting used to these actions, please gradually increase the time of exercise to improve the effect!



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