Weighing time to weigh? This time point during weight loss is your true weight.

I don’t know if you found out that we weigh our weight at different times and then weigh differently. Then some friends are very confused. Which one is the right weight?

The main weight of our body is the sum of the weight of muscles and fats in the body, so the food that is not digested in our stomach or not is not included in our weight. in.

The weight of our body is the biggest difference between morning and evening. The most important difference is about six pounds. It is different from person to person. To be heavier in the morning, this is because the situation caused by the water in our body, if there is no edema, there is nothing, it is the normal phenomenon of our body.

When we just got up in the morning, we had a rest all night, and there was no food in our stomach. At this time, the water in our body was in a relatively balanced situation. But at night, there will not be more water in our body, and it is possible that the food we eat is not completely digested, so the weight will sink, and if we choose to weigh after finishing the exercise, we will find that it is better than before. It will be lighter, because the fat in our body is consumed more or less, and the water is missing, so it will be lighter, but after we drink enough water to replenish enough water, the weight will return to original appearance.

The correct weighing should be said in the morning after the end of the empty stomach. Friends who are losing weight or are about to lose weight should remember to weigh at the same time and in the same state. You can compare the effects, you can know whether you really have thin skin, but don’t call too much weight, once or twice a week, don’t worry, weight loss should be slowly adhered to, can have an effect.


1. After getting up in the morning, if you want to weigh, you have to choose the same place. Clothes are called.

2. If you want to have a bowel movement in the morning, you must first defecate and then do not eat, call it and eat it.

3. It is best to put it in a hard place, not on a wooden board.

4. When we are weighing, it is best to look straight ahead, then don’t hump back straight, relax your body, don’t strain, and then stand for at least five seconds. You can see the result.



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