Weight loss must know the six principles of autumn weight loss

Slimming has always been a topic that everyone often listens to, so how do you lose weight in the fall? What should you pay attention to in the autumn diet? Let’s take a look at the six principles of weight loss in the fall.

What is the way to lose weight in the fall

1, Appropriate control of appetite

In fact, as long as you eat snacks every other time, you can resist the temptation of food. One is to plan your diet beforehand, put some nuts in the bag and Dried fruit, the kind that doesn’t add salt, so when you are hungry, you can take it out and solve it. Don’t let you eat a small serving of food if you don’t eat it.

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2, wear running shoes to run

In general, people don’t have much time to exercise every day, usually in about half an hour, and then take advantage of this half-hour precious time to use it to reduce body fat. . Run for ten minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening after dinner. This will have a good effect when you plan to run. When running becomes a daily habit, you will find that you are not deliberately losing weight but exercising your precious body.

3, weight loss plan can’t be too simple

Before implementing weight loss exercise, you should first develop a total The reason for the weight loss plan is that the more careful the weight loss plan, the better the weight loss effect, when should I exercise, what food should I eat for dinner, and how much water should be included in the plan every day. It is recommended not to set the weight loss plan too rigid. Leave some space for yourself to promote weight loss.

4, the kitchen is full of healthy food

All healthy food in your kitchen At the time, you will be forced to eat. The healthy foods you can choose include fruits, vegetables, low-fat yogurt, oatmeal and dried fruit, forcing you to eat some vegetables and fruits every meal to develop healthy eating habits.

5, breakfast should be eaten every morning

Do not underestimate the harm of not eating breakfast, it will weaken your own Metabolism, in addition, not eating breakfast will also cause too much to eat in the next few meals. Prepare breakfast one night in advance, but if there are other reasons, you can bring an apple to work, add vitamins, and defeat your feeling of being hungry.

6, eating low-fat foods is not easy to gain weight

In fact, friends who lose weight should eat less milk Products, eat low-fat foods are not easy to gain weight, do not eat cakes, bread, sugar cakes and other foods, will cause obesity.



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