What about weight loss and constipation? Do these three things well, the weight is falling, and the color is beautiful.

Constipation seems to be a minor problem, but it also plagues many people. If you have constipation occasionally, pay attention to your diet, but often you should pay attention to your life in all aspects. Especially girls, because girls will not take care of themselves, they may not know if they are constipated.

The small series is listed here, do a comparison, see if you are constipated, right?

Habitual constipation: Working family, because of the early morning time, they are not in a hurry to go to the toilet, or the outside toilet is too dirty to go, and it is hard to bear when you feel it. After this, when the stool is in the stool again, the sensory nerve is slow, and this irregular bowel movement causes habitual constipation.

Simple constipation: Temporary constipation in a short period of time caused by changes in the rules of life such as traveling. Once life returns to normal, this type of female constipation will disappear on its own.

Sexual constipation: constipation and diarrhea alternate. Overwork and stress are the types of constipation in women, and neurotic people are the most likely to do so.

Slow constipation: The large intestine is loose, causing its peristalsis to weaken, leading to constipation caused by poor ability to deliver to the lower body. This type of female constipation is common in women with constipation who are frail and under-exercised.

And if you can’t solve the constipation problem well, the weight loss effect will be greatly reduced. How to get rid of constipation and make losing weight easier?

1. Adjust diet and increase dietary fiber

The diet should be nutritious and easy to digest, increasing the content of high-fiber foods in the diet: Vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, eat more nuts, avoid too acidic, too spicy, too rich, salty and overheated food.

2, drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water can promote intestinal peristalsis and promote the production of convenience. For people with kidney disease You can ask the doctor how much water he can drink in a day, and avoid drinking too much water to burden the kidneys. As for what kind of water to drink, light salt water will increase the salt intake, which is not good for people with high blood pressure and heart disease; honey contains more sugar, which is not suitable for diabetics. So drinking boiled water is best.

3, more activities

In addition to improving constipation, it is also good for overall health. The form of the activity is not limited, fast walking, running, Tai Chi, activities that will not cause too much burden on the heart.



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