What is the best way to lose weight? Lose common pits, don’t do anything wrong

1, rapid weight loss leads to rapid recovery. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, there is evidence that a steady, gradual weight loss, or about 1-2 pounds a week, is the best option for you to maintain your weight. You need to take the time to change your eating habits and strengthen your exercise. These changes require patience. “If you want to lose weight fast, then the lost flesh will come back soon.” Pat Baron said he is a professional health coach in Madison, Wisconsin, and he slowly lost more than 90 Pound weight, and has remained in this state for the next 18 years. Here are some of his suggestions:

2, change requires long-term efforts. Baron said: “I tell my clients that my first rule is: Don’t make changes that you can’t sustain for a lifetime.” To put it another way, if you want to change your lifestyle, you have to take the time to implement it. Experts say that gradually implementing changes to your diet and exercise regimen for more than a few weeks and months, rather than a month of blitzkrieg, can you maintain your weight for a long time.

3, quit large amounts of nutrients. Your body needs carbohydrates, fats and proteins. However, many dieters rely heavily on large amounts of nutrients. This method will make the weight rebound quickly. Instead, you can try a more gradual, nuanced approach. Eat less bread and cakes that fill your stomach, but don’t provide nutrients, and eat lentils, beans, and fruits to get carbohydrates from food. The focus is on eating healthy fats like avocados and cold-water fish, such as salmon and tuna.

4. Walk before running. In addition to adjusting your diet, you also need exercise to lose weight. “I saw people running when they were overweight, which is very bad for your joints,” Baron pointed out. “In the beginning you can choose to walk to enhance your strength.”

5. Pay attention to social diet. Baron said that people usually have very strict rules on their diet and are able to comply with these regulations at home. But when they go out with friends or participate in social activities, these rules are difficult to adhere to. He recommends eating in accordance with the weight loss goal, rather than strictly following the meal plan. He said: “Because what matters is what you did 80%, 90% of the time.”

6, every day is different. It is unwise to drastically reduce calories overnight. Dr. Steven Heimsfeld, director of metabolism at a biomedical research center in the United States, says the body will quickly adapt to new calorie restriction and slow down metabolism, and then you will burn fewer calories than usual. Baron said that you should not keep the same calorie count every day. When you are active and use more energy, you need more food, and when you are not active, you consume less and need less. “Don’t try to make every day the same, because every day is different, the body will respond according to changes in life.”

7. Get help from health professionals. Even for those who are gradually losing weight, subtle changes in the body, such as changes in metabolism, can put them in a healthy and deteriorating position. Hemsfeld said: “You must realize that these adaptations are more likely to promote your weight recovery for the rest of your life.” Recently, the US Preventive Services Task Force recommended that clinicians provide so-called multi-components to obese people. Behavioral intervention. Under the guidance of nutritionists and other health professionals, these intensifications usually involve all aspects within one to two years.



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