What is the experience of kidney yang deficiency? I did not expect these three kinds of herbs to regulate kidney yang!

Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the kidney is the foundation of yin and yang for a lifetime. Kidney yin deficiency is prone to hot flashes, night sweats, low fever in the afternoon, insomnia and dreams, and the symptoms of weak waist and slippery radiance, but if the kidney is yang deficiency , it is prone to a series of major symptoms of yang deficiency, such as cold body, cold limbs, pale face, pale tongue, pale tongue, fatigue, fatigue, lack of gas laziness and lower extremity edema, libido, cold infertility, etc. The main symptom of the series of yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency is a more serious symptom, need to be taken seriously, if you understand the following Chinese medicine to supplement the yang, it will alleviate the symptoms.

1. Yangqi stone

yangshi stone is selected from silicate ore, salty and warm, like the name of Yangshishi Similarly, its main role is to warm the kidney and strengthen the yang, to treat impaired male dysfunction. Patients with kidney yang deficiency are prone to symptoms such as weak waist and weakness, impotence and nocturnal emission. In women, patients with kidney yang deficiency are prone to symptoms of increased vaginal discharge and manifestations of cold infertility. “Gynecology Jade Ruler” introduces an effective prescription “Yangqi Shiwan”, which is a serious prescription for the treatment of smooth sleep symptoms. Its main drug ingredient is the aphrodisiac of aphrodisiac warm kidney.

2. Zihe car

The purple river car is generally not used much now. The drug was prepared by baking the placenta produced by a fresh healthy mother, and then dried and ground. Some folk remedies used fresh placenta. The Chinese medicine Zihe car tastes sweet, salty and mild, and can enter the liver and kidney. Because Zihe is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses flesh-and-blood friendship products, its medicinal value is extremely high. If lactating women have more postpartum hemorrhage and lose a lot of yin blood, they will have short milk, shortness of breath, and sallow appearance. Anyone can take Zihe car powder.

3. Deer antler

The antler is sweet and salty, and it can enter the liver and kidney. The main effect of the drug is to tonify kidney and benefit essence. Blood, and rushing, so for the lack of kidney yang, the chills and colds caused by the deficiency of blood, the most common patients with premature ejaculation.

The three kinds of traditional Chinese medicines can be said to be good medicine for warming up kidney and yang. Men eat music and flowers, and women eat red and blush.

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