What should I do if my skin is slack after losing weight?

Skin relaxation is usually a problem for fat people to lose weight quickly. For example, 3-4 months through the desperate control of diet + exercise lost 20 or more than 30 kg of body weight (fat), but in the end found that only when the body tightens muscle strength, there is a line, otherwise it is a glimpse of existence, Especially the abdomen makes many people feel helpless.

The first thing we need to know is why the skin will relax after losing weight? The skin is the largest organ in our body. It bears the functions of defense, isolation, waste discharge, etc. The structure of the skin consists of four layers of different tissues, which contain a large amount of structural proteins, hardened stratum corneum, collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid, etc. Etc., the combination of these substances allows the skin to be isolated from the environment and tough enough.

For fat people, unreasonable diet and exercise for years or even decades make the body’s fat accumulate, the fat density is low, it takes up space, and the body keeps the structure of the skin intact. It will enlarge the area of ​​the skin and “pull open” the space for the storage of fat.

After a quick weight loss, fat is quickly consumed, but leaves a hollowed-down subcutaneous fat tissue and a pulled-out skin tissue. In theory, the body’s metabolism will eventually absorb these excess skin tissue, but it takes a long time (how long it may take to pull, how long it will take, but has not seen relevant literature reports yet) .

*Key points: only need to maintain regular exercise, healthy diet, let the weight control in the upcoming range, the body will gradually absorb excess skin tissue, make the skin tighter To. But it takes a long time.

Another “shortcut” is the removal of the skin tissue for surgery. The advantage is fast, the downside is that any surgery can cause potential damage to the body, such as not having to cut a knife on yourself as much as possible.

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