Which white and red eggs are nutritious? The chicken farm owner said the truth, it was misunderstood for more than 10 years.

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In life, eggs are often eaten. One of the foods, especially at breakfast, eats a boiled egg, and a healthy day begins. However, when we go to the supermarket, we find that the eggs are in two colors. There is a saying on the Internet that white-skinned eggs are more nutritious than yellow-skinned eggs. Is it true?

Xiaobian found the owner of the chicken farm to ask the truth. The boss said that the color of the eggshell has nothing to do with nutrition. The color of the egg is like the color of people’s skin color, with white eggs and yellow eggs. But when the egg is first formed, it begins with the egg yolk, then the egg white, and finally the color of the eggshell. That is to say, egg yolk and egg white have already formed before the color of the eggshell is formed, and the most nutritious place of the egg is egg yolk and egg white. So the color of the eggshell has nothing to do with the nutrition of the egg.

Although the egg shell cannot judge whether the egg is nutritious, it can be judged whether the egg is fresh. Fresh eggs, the color of the egg shell is more vivid, and it feels rough. Compared with the old eggs, the color of the eggshell is dark, and the eggshell is smooth. If there are some spots on the eggs, then the eggs must be not fresh.

How to pick fresh and nutritious eggs in the market?

First point First of all, we must first determine that the color of the egg does not matter the nutritional value of the egg. So the color of the egg you like white is white, and if you like yellow, it is yellow.

Second point Good eggs can be seen in a translucent state with light, some eggs with better texture, and even the outline of the yolk. Not fresh eggs, even if you look at the glare, you can’t see anything.

The third point The key to picking fresh and nutritious eggs is here. Fresh eggs will be covered with a layer of hoarfrost. The color of the eggshell is clearer. If you look closely, you can even see the venting holes of some eggs.

Which white and yellow eggs are nutritious? The chicken farm owner said the truth, it was misunderstood for more than 10 years! You should use these little tricks when you buy eggs next time. Do you have a lot better way to eat eggs? The comment area is waiting for you.

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