Why do you need to stick to it for 3 months to lose weight?

Many people are always confused about losing weight. Why do you lose weight every year? ! Obviously, I have tried hard to reduce my fitness. The diet is also controlled, but I still get fat. Do you really have to eat or drink to have a slim figure? The answer of course is: “NO”! In fact, there is a key trick to success in weight loss — have you consistently lost at least 90 days-180 days?

Analysis from the perspective of human science,

Human gastric cells are updated once every 7 days.

It takes 28 days for skin cell renewal,

and red blood cells need 120 days.

98% of the body’s cells are replaced,

It takes about half a year or even a year.

To lose weight requires at least a 90-180 day weight loss cycle,

to consolidate It takes even longer to lose weight,

This is why we say that fitness must be adhered to,

I can’t say that I have already reduced it. Can stop.

Our body’s cell renewal is 90-180 days, and our body produces new fat cells every year to replace those that die naturally. The cells, which show that our body is strictly controlling the number of fat cells. So your fat is actually part of the body tissue, it will not disappear due to the action of external forces or passive movement.

The body also has memories. Just as the hair falls out in the same place or grows out, it won’t grow on your face or other parts of the body; if the leg breaks, it will heal again without breaking or twisting. This is the memory of the body, and the same the body also remembers your body size. The fat cells in your body drop rapidly and the body automatically activates its protective system to prevent your fat loss, which will lower your basal metabolism and prevent your fat loss. So even if you eat a small amount of food because your metabolism is reduced, you can no longer consume your body fat. Even when your diet is too high, the body’s fat will first accumulate in the originally subtracted parts.

So when you spend 3 months to lose weight, you need to spend another 3 months to consolidate your body to remember your current body shape, many people who have used diet pills, dieting Those who suffer from physical illness or illness are very difficult to lose weight in the first month of weight loss. If you don’t have a 90-180 day weight loss plan, it is difficult to reduce it. More importantly, after losing this cell renewal period, your weight is not easy to rebound. This article comes from the network If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete



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