Women’s weight loss beauty depends on these seven black foods

Everyone knows that black food is good for the body, black food can nourish the kidneys, it can nourish the yin, and it can adjust the state of the female body and skin from the inside out, and has the overall beauty effect. .

Black food also has the effect of losing weight, rich dietary fiber and vitamins and a variety of minerals can play a good diet to lose weight, so female friends eat more black food It is very beneficial.

Today, I will introduce you to seven kinds of black foods that are excellent for weight loss and beauty. The first three are familiar to everyone. The latter four may not be known to many people.

Black Bean

Black Beans are definitely familiar, rich in protein and various minerals and trace elements, with good detoxification Clearing heat, nourishing blood and calming the liver, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, it is very helpful for weight loss and beauty, soy milk has the effect of breast enhancement. You can grind the soy milk and cook it in the rice.

Black rice

Black rice is also rich in protein, iron, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, vitamin pp, anthocyanins, etc. A variety of nutrients. The rich variety of vitamin B is indispensable for beauty, while vitamin B1 can promote sugar metabolism, and vitamin B2 can promote fat burning. So it is also very good weight loss food.

Black Sesame

Black Sesame is also rich in various proteins and vitamins, as well as various nutrients such as calcium, paste and chrome. . It has a good effect of beauty and emollient, as well as good anti-oxidation effect, anti-aging effect, and can promote fat burning, making the body not easy to gain weight.

The above three are commonly used foods for Chinese people. The following four kinds may not be known to many people, and they have not been eaten.


Kunbu belongs to the kelp subject, also known as the gooseberry. One of the weight loss snacks that Japanese people like to eat, there are very few domestic general stores, and there are still many online.

The kelp contains fucoidan sulfate, which has a good moisturizing effect and is found in many cosmetics. At the same time, it also has the effects of lowering blood fat and anti-tumor, and can help burn fat and cleanse the stomach, so it is one of the most popular weight loss beauty foods for Japanese women.

Sheeping food

Shea’s food is also a seaweed food that looks like a broken seaweed. Also rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as rich dietary fiber, can adjust the stomach and promote metabolism, is a very good weight loss beauty food.

Bitter Chocolate

Everyone knows that eating chocolate will make you fat, but you know that you can lose weight by eating bitter chocolate? The bitter chocolate cocoa polyphenol has a good anti-oxidation effect, can improve blood circulation and basal metabolism, so it also has a good weight loss cosmetic effect. Of course, it is still high in calories, so you can’t eat more!

Black Oolong Tea

The tea polyphenols in black oolong tea can inhibit the absorption of fat and have an excellent effect on weight loss. It is the most suitable drink for women to lose weight and beauty.

The above seven black weight loss foods, have you eaten several? The first three supermarkets can be bought at will, and the latter four kinds of Internet access can also be bought. Especially black oolong tea, it is very recommended that women friends who lose weight drink and drink, the effect is quite good.



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