You can consume 77 big cards in 10 minutes! Ball sports weight loss effect is completely unexpected

Every time you go all out

Everyone is looking forward to seeing a reborn person

Seeing others moving Lose weight and play easily

I am stuck in the dilemma of my body.

Don’t worry about how deep


Today’s anchor will be recommended to everyone

A fat burning effect should not be underestimated Sports

That is the ball game

Follow the anchor to find out more about it~

There are so many weight loss artifacts, of course, you can’t miss these balls!

For example, 66 kg male and 56 kg female,

calculated as calories burned every 10 minutes


TOP1: Football

Male 77 Card

Female 65.3 Card

It has been shown that football is a more regular sport than running, and ideal for aerobic exercise. the way. When playing football, people have to make moves such as running, emergency stop, kicking, shovel, etc. So playing football has both aerobic exercise and strength training, and the weight loss effect is remarkable. People who often play at the same time, the endurance, intermittent exercise ability and running ability will be significantly improved, when you carry out other weight loss exercises later, you can be more durable.

TOP2: Basketball

Male 66 Card

Female 56 Cards

Basketball is a calorie-intensive sport, It trains the body’s endurance, Increase joint, muscle flexibility, flexibility and balance. And playing basketball needs to constantly change the speed to achieve the effect of intermittent exercise, which can effectively lose weight. In addition, playing basketball often makes you more responsive and quicker.

TOP3: Tennis

Male 55 Card

female 46.7 kcal

Tennis has become an internationally popular fitness sport, and it needs to be around when playing tennis. Turn back and run, the distance is longer than badminton, multi-purpose and step-by-step, but the speed is not so fast, more test endurance, is a combination of oxygen-free and aerobic exercise, fat burning more efficient.

TOP4: Badminton

Men 49.5 Card

Female 42 Cards

Badminton is also an effective exercise, and the pace of exercise is much shorter when playing badminton. The distance is back, the pace is high, the frequency is fast, so the calories are high. In addition to playing badminton, you need to coordinate the operation of your shoulders. You have to look up the ball and raise your hand to catch the ball. This will train your cervical spine and shoulders. Prevent cervical spine and shoulders. The occurrence of weekly disease.

TOP5: Table Tennis

Male 44 Card

female 37.3 card

Table tennis is different from the other balls mentioned above, it is not so high on the venue, as long as there is a The table can move. Table tennis is also a general-purpose exercise. The arms, waist and legs can be exercised while exercising. During the process of playing the ball, the eye changes with the ball, which can fully alleviate eye fatigue.

TOP6: Volleyball

Male 33 Cards

Female 28 Cards

There are a lot of bounces in the volleyball game. These exercises can exercise the thigh muscles. And the arm was exercised because of the sway. In addition, in addition to exercising the leg muscles, volleyball can also exercise the hip muscles well. People who often play volleyball have a more obvious curve on the hips.

No one is born with a good body

No one can lose weight at a glance

as long as you Dare to start, be brave to challenge

Step by step to be able to welcome yourself new

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